Monday, February 15, 2010

Random Snowy Tuesday Thoughts

Lots has been happening and my alleged brain has been reeling. I'm hoping that things settle a bit in the next couple weeks but then again fresh hell is always just around the corner in Kay's World.

* My least favorite sentence: "The National Weather Service has declared a snow emergency until noon on Tuesday." (Like we needed 6-8 more inches of the white stuff.)

* Jeff and Shaughnessy left for Florida this morning at about 9:30 after guilting me for not going with them. The good news is they left about six hours ahead of the snow storm and they are in Charlotte, NC for the night as he called about an hour ago and said they made great time and will be in Florida tomorrow night. I'm glad I wasn't with them -- he probably drove like a maniac.

* I was at the lab at the medical foundation this morning to feed the A- vampire so Dr. Maria can check my B-12 levels and then went to look at an very nice apartment complex I've been hearing about that might be my next home. They are full and have a waiting list but that's okay with me. I wouldn't be interested in moving until the weather breaks anyway. This winter tells that being some place more convenient might be a good thing so I'm thinking about it.

* Today I'm tied to the phone dealing with bureaucrats -- it's renewal time for a lot of things. Sigh.

* Never re-read old love letters/emails; they are not good for your mental state.

* The first rule (law) of an impending snow in Ohio is to report to the nearest grocery store and join your friends and neighbors to kvetch about the weather and stock up on staples. I didn't bother to go last week and I didn't go today. Sigh. Big mistake. The good news is I have canned goods and coffee so I will manage but some eggs, salad, and fruit would have been nice.

So that's the way it is on a snowbound Tuesday in Ohio!!!! Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!! I appreciate y'all stopping by and I hope I can get around to all y'all for a visit later today!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. Anonymous1:08 AM

    It's too bad Ohio is not Hawaii. We have been having good weather, with rain now and then. Hope the weather in Ohio improves for your sake.

  2. wow -- you guys are really getting hammered!

    it's been COLD here (cold enough to fracture my newly repaired back step!), but we actually could use a bit more snow

    hang in there -- Spring IS coming

  3. Hey Kay I hope the snow stops where you are.Its hard to deal with when its not usual as it is here in the Nort.

    Hang in there,eh. Spring is coming.

  4. Sounds interesting about this new place as a possible move. Put yourself on the waiting list - you have nothing to lose.

    Florida doesn't have any snow but it has been a cold winter. Tonight in the 30's!!!!

  5. As my old friend Ken J. used to say....If it isn't one thing---it's 10!!!! More SNOW??....Lord, this has been severe winter for you and so many people back east....I hope things lighten up for you, my dear and that they warm up, too!

  6. Oh you don't want to hear about our 70 degree sunshine. Bob and I took the dogs for a long afternoon walk and I had to keep reminding myself it is still winter.

    New apartment? Sounds maybe like a little change might do you good.

    I have to visit the vampire next Monday. Nothing new - just routine.

  7. I hope the move comes through for you - when the weather is better. My baby daughter has been moving during all this snow and she is worn out. The main move comes next weekend, and we are praying for sunny weather!

  8. A possible move sounds exciting, especially when it's a new complex. Hope that pans out well. And I'm glad they're checking your B-12. It may be the piece of the puzzle overlooked so far.

  9. How far out of town do you live? Yes, always grab every spare moments for eggs and kvetching. :)

  10. Oh I too hate those words and truly fear we are going to hear them. We want to go to my daughter's tomorrow and today something is starting to spit on us. I hope it's just rain.


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