Wednesday, February 17, 2010

White Stuff

Snow is a four letter word in Ohio. As I type, the plows are finally getting to our street. Our city service director has had his crews on overtime trying to keep up with it and I applaud their efforts. I may have to leave the house and figure there's a good two hours of work just getting Miss Ruby cleared off and de-iced before I can think about it. I'm trying to avoid that but I fear that, sooner or later, I will have to. I am glad that I cancelled my endoscopy because I wouldn't have asked my worst enemy to take me in this weather. I decided that I will reschedule when the weather breaks. It's one thing to ask a friend for assistance; it's another to to ask them to put themselves at risk.

The record amount of snow for our part of Ohio in February is 25.8 inches set two years ago. So far we have had about 2-4 more inches of it and the forecast says that a couple more inches are coming so that record will fall before the week ends. Grrrrrrr is my most polite reaction and I wonder about global warming.

Jeff and Shaughnessy are safely in Florida. In a way, I wish I could have gone -- I really like Sanibel Island a lot. However, being away six weeks is not practical or affordable for me at this point AND it would have raised some issues that I'd rather not deal with at this point. Granny Annie raised the question "Why not Jeff?" recently and I will address that eventually.

At any rate, I'm getting caught up on some things around here that have been neglected as well as finally getting around to visiting y'all. I do appreciate your comments and loyalty. I follow approximately 75 blogs so that can be daunting at times. I hope I can get to the grocery eventually. I'm running low on things.

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Kay you are a bright spot in every day. I appreciate your loyalty to my blog. In fact I had to move it to a new address yesterday. I hope you will follow me there.

  2. We are glad you made it here today. I have the same problem with my bloging friends....triple as I have three blogs. Thank heavens no one ever looks at one of them.

    No snow either....but another cold here....achoo. HUGS........

  3. I feel for you having to dig your car out. It took my daughter 3 hours to get hers out of 3 feet of snow in DC last week.

  4. Just remember whether global climate change is coming, it doesn't mean warming everywhere. Watch 'Day after Tomorrow' for what that could mean. Yeah, it's too fast, overly dramatic, but it's the general idea of possible mini-ice ages happening due to changes in the ocean temperatures. I just hope it won't come to that.

    It's going to be over 60 today in western Oregon, sun shining and good timing since we are lambing and they definitely have an easier go of it when it's warmer than usual. Me too as going out to check on them is a lot more fun on a nice spring day.

  5. Anonymous2:31 PM

    75 blogs!!!! Hopefully, some of them are 2 weeks old so you can skip them. LOL.

    I visit only 30 blogs. If a blog is 2 weeks old, I usually delete it from my blog roll. Why keep dead wood?

  6. I really feel sorry for all you people digging out from the snow. It was supposed to be 73* here today, but I don't think it made it. I did have the door open all day though.

    We are to get another storm next week so it will be chilly again.

  7. 75 blogs! Now I really appreciate you coming by to visit me. Thank you so very much.

  8. We are suppose to get snow for the next 3 days. So, far nothing :)
    They don't plow the side streets here anymore only the main streets. I'm glad we don't drive very much. Hope you're able to get out and get groceries.

    Being away for 6 weeks is a long time. Sounds like you made the right decsion.

    Take care :)

  9. Oh Kay...I'm sorry you guys got hit with the white stuff again...geesh. We're on hold here in ChiTown. I'm afraid to say anything for fear that I'll jinx us. We still have it hanging around, but nothing really new but for a small dusting the other day.....shhhh, I don't want to say anything else, okay? I'll be hoping you don't get anymore either...shhhh. Love, Joy

  10. While you're snowed in, write the novel of what's going on with Jeff. Is this a romance? I read your blog all the time, but I feel like I missed something!

  11. Kay...75 blogs?? How do you do it? Daunting is right!
    I cannot get over the enormous amounts of snow that are coming down everywhere back east....The pictures are beautiful, amazing, and pretty scary, too....I think you are so right to want to wait on that test till the weather is better.
    I hope you can get out soon to get some staples from the Grocery Store, my dear.

  12. Kay: I appreciate your visits very mucy. Good blogs like yours are good fun!
    Hope you can dig your way out soon so you can have your "fun" endscopy!

  13. Like the others, I'm thinking 75! Now I feel especially honored you visit me. I always get behind, but eventually I make the rounds, too. Sometimes I think I should stop blogging myself and just read others instead.

  14. When we lived in Kansas some fellow church members asked us if we would take their elderly mother to her eye exam the next day (Monday). We said we would but be did wonder why none of her three children would take her. That next morning we had a ton of snow but Ron said we had committed and unless the family called to cancel, we needed to proceed. I was grumbling and moaning as we ventured through the back country roads to the old lady's house and when we got there and Ron made his way up to her front door she greeted him with the news that her children were on their way to take her. Even when we got home there was no message on our answering machine.


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