Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Saturday Thoughts

This post is late because I was exhausted after a weird week and tucked myself in early (for me). The snow has appeared to have abated. We almost broke the record for the month of January in our county. As it was, we had FORTY inches of snow! Yuck!!!

* My boss is concerned about my leaving. I'm sure he will have some words with the director but I doubt it will help. He knows that she can't replace me because no one else has Spanish which is essential to our work. I have already decided that I will give him some volunteer time each week. I like actually using my degree and I think what is done there is important.

* I think I'm going to have to go to war over a couple things. I'm not happy about it. I am going to try to have a sitdown with my new Congress Critter soon. I have questions and would like some help.

* Our mayor is under attack. Don't ask me why I'm not surprised -- he's always nice to me -- but there's something there that makes me question his sincerity and integrity. There are at least two investigations involving him -- so far. Anonymous letters about him have gone to various officials. If they are true, I want him out of office. He also fired the Service Director without giving a reason. The gentleman he fired is well-known for being an honorable, well-respected, and honest man who was good at his job. He isn't talking to anyone. I'm guessing that he's getting his ducks in a row before he says anything and when he does, I suspect this mess will become a full-blown scandal. What really galled me is that the Mayor sent a memo to city employees telling them not to have any contact with him. I don't think he can do that.

* Peggy of Musings of Meggie has honored me with the Premio Dardos award. I am truly grateful and will get it on here (I really need to get caught up on my housekeeping here) soon and pass it on to the worthy. Thank you, Peggy!!!!

* I think I'm done with doctors and tests for a few weeks except for physical therapy twice a week. I'll be interested to see what the results are. The bone scan was a no-brainer. I just hope I passed but I doubt it. I'm the poster child for osteoporosis. I go down the list of criteria saying, "That's me." Sigh.

* Despite the ton of work I need to do, I'm giving myself the weekend off and going to the movies. I need a break from responsibility and to be lost in Fantasyland. I call it my personal film festival. There are about five I want to see and I'll give reviews next week.

Hope y'all are having a great weekend!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm sure you are taking your calcium and vitamin D to help your bones. I wish I had started the vitamin D earlier.

    I did have Osteoporosis but after taking Actonel for two years it has been upgraded to Osteopena. (pre-Osteoporosis).

    Enjoy the movies and am looking forward to your revues.

  2. I may have missed it, but are you leaving your work???? I have been absent of late. I so enjoy reading your thoughts...

  3. Hey, cutie! What movies did you see? My niece took me to see Gran Torino yesterday, and it was exceptionally good. Best Eastwood yet. My b-i-l thinks it may be his swan song. I also want to see Slumdog Millionaire, but may have to wait til it's on DVD. Have a great weekend! P.S., have you tried commenting on FOP lately? I can't tell if it's still broken or not.

  4. I'm afraid you have to also do the weight bearing exercises, too. That's what I'm supposed to do. Sigh...


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