Friday, January 30, 2009

More from the Deep Freeze

Still buried. Gotta go dig out Miss Ruby. Big Red and the kids dug out a bunch yesterday but there's more this morning. Arrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!! Snow is a four-letter word here!!!!

I slept a lot yesterday so I'm behind on visiting y'all. Mea culpa. I'm still not a very happy camper.

Gonna try to go to work but word is it's bad out there.

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. We've been hearing about how you guys got socked with the snow and deep freeze. Our turn will come again soon. Keep warm.

  2. and it's scary how something as predictable as a winter storm (hey, it's winter, it's going to storm) can leave so many people without power --- think what a really determined group could do to us --- yet so little money in the "stimulus" for infrastructure -- geesh!

    be safe Kay, I remember driving to work in the winter, and I always dreaded it

    I'm sending you positive WARM thoughts

  3. Drive Safely. I hope you and Miss Ruby get to work and back with no mishaps. I will be wishing you good luck and thinking of you.

  4. I hope you stay safe and warm...and that your power doesn't go out!

  5. More good weather wishes from the uncertainty of Portland, OR. We have to think "spring will be here" to maintain sanity--between the coughs and sneezes.

  6. Kay: Yes it will and yes, I'll try

    Bev: thank God we still have power.

    Darlene: I don't worry about me driving -- I slow down and am careful; I worry about the SUV owvnrs who don't "get it" that 4-wheel drive doesn't save a body from ice.

    Scarlet: I'm at work right now between projects and plan to leave early so I miss rush hour

  7. Naomi -- I'm just tired of cold. Fortunately I haven't a cold -- I don't need that with all the other issues.

  8. Yikes and we complain when snow actually settles for a day!

  9. Be careful out there, dollink.

  10. Isn't it so weird that water does all this damage. That is all snow is: crystallized water. When I am out shoveling snow, it just doesn't seem possible that it could cause such work, pain, death, destruction, etc.
    Sending warm thoughts your way, sweet Kay. Sorry you aren't a happy camper yet.

  11. Kay;

    I feel your pain...Illinois is full of snow and cold winds. Went out today thinking 26 degrees was a heat wave. What I forgot about, was the 16 degree wind chill! Brrrrrrr
    I guess it's better then our 20 below wind chill from last week!

  12. I will fearlessly predict that it will not snow in June so courage, Kay.


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