Sunday, February 01, 2009

Quick Update

I decided to put everything on hold because I realized that my computer and my blog need some serious geeky housework -- yeah, I confess that I'm a big slob -- so I'm in downloading, scanning and serious straightening things up mode. And while I'm doing that, I'm trying to get some things straightened up around the house in addition to a project I have to have ready by Wednesday. Sigh.

Never fear!!! The Groaner of the Week will be on schedule and I'll get around to see y'all soon -- I hope.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!


  1. Housework before blogging?
    Seriously Kay, we need to chat about this new theory you have.

  2. I'm with Dave!

  3. For me, blogging comes first. It's like my journal. I have to gather my thoughts, jot them down, ask for input sometimes, and THEN life can go on. ;)

    I hope you get everything up to date and straightened up soon!

    Happy Sunday!!

  4. Lately haven't felt like doing either.

  5. You and I seem to be on the same page. I'm into the same thing, in the same order as you. I (think) I refuse to do another serious thing until I've got it all straightened out, house and computer. Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one. LOL

  6. If I had to do housework first, I'd never do anything else. Good luck with your chores!!

  7. I hate housework, but I must have a certain amount of order in my surroundings so it doesn't carry over to my blog "work." I'm almost always behind in all of it, though, including my favorite blog reading! Your weather has to get better soon, it can't last forever.


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