Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkey Afterthoughts

Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving!!!! All I'm going to say about mine is that the food was excellent.

* There isn't enough money on the planet to get me out shopping on Black Friday. Christmas shopping is going to be very limited at my house. I only do gifts for children these days. Michelle asked me what I want for Christmas and I told her that if she bought me anything, I'd spank her. I really don't need/want anything. What I really need is to get rid of some stuff.

* From my 'They're At It Again' department: I've been busy with various projects including signing the petition to repeal the HB 319 which gerrymamders Ohio into 12 Republican districts and 4 Democratic districts. Ohio is a is not a 'red' state; we are a 'purple' state and this bill does not reflect how we vote and if y'all think we can't do it, recall our stellar repeal oh the union-busting bill last month. These idiots don't learn, do they? I also signed up to work on Election 2012. I hope we get the same excellent response on this. Y'all can read about it here.

* I just had a visit from a couple well-dressed Republicans who wanted to explain to me how the Bible applies to the world today. I think y'all (and God) will forgive me for being crabby with them. I'm getting a "We are the 99%" sign for my yard in hopes that that it will act as a repellent again these visits.

* Here's a clip from an email I received from our not so beloved, soon to be one-term governor, John Kasich who, like Scott Walker of Wisconsin, would be sweating out a recall if we had it.
"I'm personally thankful for having been able to announce in the past two weeks that Ohio is helping to create almost 2,000 new jobs for Ohioans. Overall in 2011, Ohio has worked with small, medium and large-sized businesses to create more than 15,000 new jobs for Ohioans. That's more than 15,000 families who will have a better, brighter future. We've still got work to do, but it's exciting to see Ohio beginning to get back on track."

My response?  Puh-lease!!!!!  9.1% of of Ohioans are unemployed and that's a false figure because it's based on the the number of people collecting unemployment and blithely ignores the thousands of Ohioans whose benefits have run out. That he sent this is an insult to me and my fellow Ohioans.  How stupid does he think we are?  Never mind.

* Here's less than three minutes of giggle of from Chris Matthews explains why a recent survey said that Fox News fans are less informed.

* Today Ohio State Buckeyes play their big rivalry game vs. the University of Michigan Wolverines so I'll be glued to the television this afternoon.  We haven't had a stellar season but  long-time fans know that that's immaterial to this game -- anything can happen and it probably will.  And here's the Best Damned Band in the Land doing their signature 'Script Ohio' routine -- always amazing.  The honor of dotting the 'i' goes to the most senior tuba player.  I never get tired of it.  I can't imagine strutting carrying a tuba -- they are heavy!!! Enjoy!!!!

Gooooooooo Buckeyes!!!

I hope to get around to see y'all later!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I'm with you re. Black Friday. These days I do most of my shopping (what little I do) online anyway.

    Not much of a football fan but I'll be watching the Stanford vs. Notre Dame game tonite. Since I don't have a dog in your fight ... I'll root for Ohio. Go Buckeyes!

  2. We went shopping on Black Friday and bought something but it was in Jacksonville, a little, old town with locally owned businesses and our biggest purchase was made in the US. We did it with daughter and grandkids and without the crowds, just other like-minded people, it was pleasurable. It's tough on the Christmas shopping end as the kids have so much and yet if people don't buy, more stores go down. A tough situation when you have small children in your family but I think we'll go with one small toy and then cash which they can use to take lessons or for other choices. I know some say donate to some charity in their name which is fine later but not so good with small ones.

  3. If the Republicans keep pandering to the worst instincts of their members their presindental campaign is going to end with the words, "Tha-tha-tha-that's all folks!"

  4. I have to stay neutral with the football because my son's partner is from the University of Michigan. I wish there was a way for both of you to be happy.

    I have to admit that I think Black Friday is for the young and muscular who won't be knocked over fighting the crowds. I can't believe the craziness. We were in and out of the BX garden shop with Art's ladder. Then I went home and went back to sleep.

  5. Kay, your afterthoughts are as usual varied and thoughtful. And slightly biased, but in the way I am myself.

    enjoy the rest of your weekend. I'm going to replay that bit of nonsense about Fox in my head for the next few days...I can't understand why they're still on the air.

  6. I took a friend to lunch in Peninsula, population 695. The town was packed. Then I realized it was black Friday and my reactio was good for these merchants, they pulled it off in their little town of little shops. I hope.

  7. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Kay--We aetheists escape the whole clown show that is Christmas!
    Cop Car
    P.S. And spectator sports are lost on me - not for religious reasons, obviously; but, from boredome. Even in college, when I had a full view of the football field from my bedroom window, I did anything else but pay attention to the games/track meets/etc.

  8. Glad the food was good. I am cheering the Wisconsin recall movement on and hope that they get double the signatures they need. There were some nasty threats by Repthuglican activists to gather signatures only to burn the petitions. They received some severe warnings that that is criminal. I agree on Black Friday. Shopping was never a favorite 'sport' of mine and as I have gotten older it has become even less so. I am also in the de-cluttering stage.

  9. Don't cry, Kay. OSU may have lost the battle this year, but won the war. They signed up perhaps the best coach in the country.

  10. Looks like you are invigorated and rolling along in Oh Hi Oh.

  11. Are you sure the "well dressed Republicans" were not Romney people? Never mind, you have enough to deal with in Ohio yet many of us are counting on you, Kay, to turn it all around!


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