Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday, Thursday Ramblings

The battle with the plumbing is continuing. Dan (my landlord) will be camped here most of the day -- again. I hope it finally gets fixed. It's frustrating and horrendously inconvenient which means I'll get nothing done!!! Sigh. At least, I have an excuse -- for a change. (Eyes rolling)

Last night around 11 o'clock  Michelle called and told me to close my doors and windows!  It seems that a guy who was out taking a walk was held up at gunpoint by two armed pedestrians near us.  Scary.  Her brother Jeff was out on their porch with a taser  -- I guess he was watching for them. I wouldn't mess with him.   It's weird.  I've always felt safe here but today I feel less so and hope this isn't the beginning of a trend. Word this morning is that the cops were patrolling all night.  The guys on our beat right now are pretty good. I (almost) feel sorry for anyone who decides to hold me up. I rarely carry cash. Yeah, I'm a slave to my debit card.

I think that the earthquake in Virginia took us all off guard. We actually had a little one in my part of Ohio in 1997.  It was disconcerting because we aren't famous for that. I suppose Virginians are equally perplexed.

I hope all y'all on the Eastern Seaboard are battening down the hatches for Irene the terrible and I hope she decides to take a turn and head out to sea.  

Here are Matt Taibbi and Bill Maher laying out the truth about the Fed in a little over a minute:

And I think it's a great day for some old rock and roll and old rock and rollers! In this video, Chuck Berry is 81!!! Where did the decades go?

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  1. On the Maher video; again he hits the nail on the head. As a public employee retiree we are constantly being assailed for our "luxury" pensions. But that money had been invested in Wall Street. So why is the public bashing the victims and not the crooks who basically took from OUR cookie jar?

    Maher was right, of course, and shares my opinion... most of our fellow citizens are basically stupid!

  2. Kay -- Just keep your car and house locked all the time. I live out in the country and I lock everything up even when I am here. Recently a policeman told me that a small dog is a good watch dog to have -- robbers don't like to attract attention with a barking dog. You might want to consider the possibility.== barbara

  3. Robert: Because they watch Faux News? I envy those with good pensions but don't hate them. My ex-husband and I felt that my staying at home was best so that's what I did. I have minimal regrets and do the best I can with what little I have to work with. A COLA raise on my SS would be nice but the GOP hates old ladies. I manage as well as I can but groceries shouldn't be a luxury item for anyone.

    My late father-in-law was fond of saying that the average man was awfully damned average. I think you would have liked him.

    Barbara: I do that mostly but I don't have AC and like fresh air. I'm pretty careful and my neighbors and I are vigilant. All we can do pay attention. I can't afford a dog.

  4. Gosh be safe Kay, I have these three big barking dogs that I'm sure are a deterrent in Denver, haven't heard a peep out of them down here in WC. Oh I take that back the old girl knows when she gets fed and gets snacks and she is a pest till she gets what she wants. She's always with 5 minute either side of the hour to remind us. When she's gone I'll need a watch!

  5. I am a believer in pepper spray to carry if one has to be out and about during the hours that are not so safe. Easy to carry and better to use than a gun when one might be wrong about the threat. At the house, of course, I have a loaded gun always. It's easier to be sure someone is meaning bad by me if they already broke into the house. I do expect things to get worse and hear about it pretty near everywhere.


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