Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Raging Grannies

Went shopping a little before lunch and had a nice afternoon with Gracie after school. She was feeling a tad silly so I think she enjoyed her first day in 3rd grade. We watched for Bryce to come home and I hollered, "How was your first day?" He flashed a huge grin and said, "Great!!!! I'm going back!!!!" I guess that's as good as it gets with a teen-aged boy so it made me happy.

I stopped by to visit cinderellen to see how her home on the Cape is progressing and instead was introduced to The Granny Peace Brigade Blog. My kind of place -- prolly you gals' cuppa, too. Check it out!!!!

And here's a really fun video for us good old gals!!! Guys, too!!! Enjoy!!! I'm wondering if we shouldn't found a chapter of Raging Grannies in Ohio!!!

Sorry this is short -- I still have stuff to do and blogs to visit!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. Thanks for the tip on the Grannies. I just put them in my subscription list.

  2. It worried me that everyone was ignoring the dancing grannies! Except for a photographer and a security goon.
    It was a lesson in the invisibility of older females.
    We've got to get more kick-ass and stop being so nice and reasonable.

  3. Mary: You're welcome!!! I think we Buckeyes and you Hoosiers need to get more in this!!

    Hattie: Visit them on YouTube and you'll see them getting some attention. There are no groups in Ohio and I dropped a note to their website too see what we need to do to organize a couple groups around the state. All Power to the Grannies!!!

  4. First time I am visiting your website and glad I did today! Thanks for the great video and information.

  5. MerCyn: Thanks!! Please come again!!! Us grannies gotta stick together!!!

  6. loved the Grannies! My mother's name wa Grace so I love that the name is making a comeback. My dad fondly called her Go-Go Gracie. I think it might fit your grand daughter as well. :)

  7. Maria: Gracie isn't my granddaughter. She is my neighbor across the street. Her mom is single and I help out if needed. Racy Gracie is my little buddy who comes over for popsicles and to play cards. Her big brother shovels my walks and helps out if I need it. They aren't really family but they are -- does that make sense?

  8. Wow...great to see women I worked with, argued with back in NYC. Thanks, Kay, for putting this up. And my question to Hattie is, Just how do you propose our being more "kick-ass" in the our own communities?


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