Thursday, May 05, 2011

Wonderful Thursday

The sun is shining in Ohio but my furnace is still running! Will we ever see real Spring weather? Will summer ever get here? Inquiring minds want to know. I'm tired of my sweaters who are begging for a rest and my spring/summer things are pleading to escape the closet. I love Ohio weather. :)

* I used some of the lovely eggs Gene brought me to make a truly stellar omelet last evening for supper. I added some Amish cheese and chopped up some Trail bologna (totally unlike any bologna y'all have ever had. It's an Ohio delicacy that I love.) and stuffed myself!

* Last Friday I went to open Miss Ruby's trunk and noticed that someone had tried to scratch his name on the trunk's lid. I looked around for Bryce and called him over to see the damage and ask if he saw anyone bothering Ruby. He said that his mom had yelled at the little kid who lives behind me and told him to get away from Miss Ruby. I called the cops. By the time they got here, he and his family were away and the nice officer said the detectives would be out to talk me. They haven't been so I had to call the detective bureau. They said they would send someone out. We'll see. Ruby and I want justice which, I'm told, will not happen. Body work is expensive. Sigh. Frankly, the kid's mother needs to pay attention to what her kids do but she doesn't.

Ronni Bennett asked us to share this video on our blogs. If you haven't seen it yet, it's worth every single second. And it's right for our country. Now this makes some serious sense:

And here's an interesting history lesson from Lawrence O'Donnell that puts things in perspective about this week's events:

Quote of the Week:

"Michele Bachmann! For People Who Find Sarah Palin Too Intellectual!" -- Bill Maher

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Bill Maher makes me laugh out loud.

  2. I've posted that clip over at my blog too. Thanks for your encouragement re: my recent move (and resulting panic!) I think things will work out, but it took me six weeks to reset my car radio stations. Guess I am really staying!

  3. I still have the furnace on too Kay...albeit is set very low. I'm anxious to turn it completely off...but the weather here hasn't permitted that either.

    Poor Miss Ruby....I hope somehow you get some justice for her. It reminds me of the mishaps I had to endure last year on my car (three difference times)...none of which were my fault; just like you, I wasn't even in my car. Yes, it is expensive to have body work done...but I bit the bullet and paid out the nose to keep my little blue Prius looking good; since I figure I'm going to die with this car. Good luck with Miss Ruby.

    Love Bill Maher too. ~Joy

  4. I love Bill Maher :)
    Wish I could see the video but that part of my computer doesn't work well, so I have given up trying to watch them.

    Sorry, about the kid in your neighborhood. Parents don't watch their kids anymore. When we first bought our home there were 6 kids that lived 4 doors down. They were terrible and the mother never watched them. They finally moved away when the kids destroyed the fire hydrant that's across the street from us. It was a relief when they moved. Holding postive thoughts for you and your situation :)

  5. I'm sorry to hear about Miss Ruby. Thanks for the two videos. Very informative.

  6. Well, that is not so good about Miss Ruby!! I will never undrstand people--jids or adults---who do things like this---What is that about??
    I saw both those clips "in context".....Really wonderful! Thanks for posting them, my dear.
    And, I hope the Sun stays out in your beck of the woods!

  7. Hope you get to retire the sweaters and break-out the springtime clothes soon, I'll send a little of our sunshine & warmth your way.

    Hope you have a great Mother's Day.

  8. Kay, we just have to face it--as bad I hate it--but this probably is the only spring we'll ever have now. Here we've had three beautiful days, but tomorrow we're being jerked back the other way if the weatherman is right.

  9. Beastly thing to deface Miss Ruby. I do hope the police follow up, but I doubt that anything will come of it even if they investigate. When our shop was broken into, I saw the sloppiest police work possible and never even a follow up which had been promised.

  10. Kay,
    There is just so much of significance going on in the world today; it's just amazing! Sometimes I just need to retreat from it all, you know?
    Now about that 'lack of spring' in Ohio...oh I remember it so well!
    I hope it warms up soon...

  11. If you were in Hawaii, you would have added Spam to your omelette.

    I'm wishing you much warmer weather this coming week.


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