Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sunday Morning!

I've been buried for a couple days -- lots to do and lots to read and lots of issues to address. Is anyone ever really caught up and organized? And if any of y'all are good at that, tell me your secrets.

Happy Mother's Day to all the good ladies who visit here!!!! I hope y'all are spending it with the one's you love and love you back!!!!! And guys -- I hope y'all gave the ladies their propers today!

Here are two of my all-time favorites, Eric Clapton and the lat, great Luciano Pavarotti to sing for you!

And y'all know I'm a huge fan of Bill Maher. I think his thoughts on the past week's events really say it all to those who are trying to marginalize President Obama and his recent accomplishments. It will make you laugh and cheer unless you are a Donald Trump fan.

Sorry this is short -- I've got places to go, people to see and blogs to visit!!!

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. Oh my God...I love Bill Maher....that was brilliant. Happy Mother's Day Kay... ~Joy

  2. Organized? What, me? Never never never! But hope springs eternal. Happy Mother's Day to you, too.

  3. Thanks Kay, I love those guys a bushe. Have a lovely day to you too.

  4. Excellent songs, wonderful video, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY KAY!

  5. Pavarotti was such an amazing man. I wish I could have heard him when he was still with us. Maher has a wonderful take on reality. I wish those he makes fun of would get a clue.

  6. Happy Mother's Day. These are great.

  7. Oh, excellent, Kay! Thanks for sharing that.

    Hope you've been having fun going, seeing and visiting this Mother's Day and that you get the many bouquets you deserve.

  8. Well, my dear, thanks for the entertainment. I would never have thought that Eric Clapton and Pavarotti would have been on stage together.
    And Bill Maher! Well!

  9. Joy: Thanks!! Bill never disappoints me -- even when I'm sitting here thinking that maybe he went over the line.

    Alice: Same to you!!! Yes, there's always hope but I'm finally realizing that it left without me.

    Maggie: Right back at ya! Oh yeah, I love Bill, Luciano, and Eric.

    Wild: Glad you like it all!!! And right back at ya!

    Jon: I love opera and I had the blessing of seeing Pavarotti about 10 (?) years ago when he, Placido Domingo & Jose Carrera did their Three Tenors tour. It was sheer heaven. I share your wish but if those idiots weren't around, what would poor Bill do for a living?

    Leslie: Same to you! Glad you liked them.

    Vol: I really sort of ignore Mother's Day. My kids are far away. And yeah, I thought both clips awesome.

    Lorna: Neither would I and I thought it wonderful to see them together since I like both so much.

  10. two wonderful videos Kay

    first a bit of soul and spirit
    and then Bill says it as only he can
    I love Bill
    funny and brutally honest

  11. I love the way Bill Maher just nails the issue on the goddam head!!

  12. Dianne: As to the music, I went looking for something for Mother's Day that wasn't all syrupy and sappy. Perfect! And Bill is the bomb! Some may have not liked some of the words but he was soooo right on!

    Robert: Yup! He sure doesn't pussyfoot around and calls it exactly as he sees it.

  13. Love the Pavarotti. Thanks. As for organized, it never happens. Everyone I know personally who has died was still trying to get organized.


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