Saturday, May 21, 2011


I haven't seen any reports of Armageddon from Europe so I'm guessing that we dodged the Rapture bullet unless, of course it's gonna begin on Eastern Daylight Time. It was supposed to have hit in time zones around the world in succession at 6 p.m. which means that I still have to clean my front porch. Oh well. I'm actually looking forward to it because it signifies that my favorite season is imminent.
Sunshine energizes me and today we actually have plenty of it so I'm going to make this short and get busy making it a worthwhile and productive day.

Here's John Denver with today's song!!!!! I hope that tomorrow brings more sunshine and I can go enjoy it instead of cleaning!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hey. I kind of forgot about the End until I read your post. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Then enjoy a nice day.
    a pleasure to spend for your home.
    you have a happy weekend.
    a hug.

  3. Anonymous1:49 PM

    I was in love with John Denver as a teen. Thanks for bringing him back for just a little bit.
    Enjoy your day.

  4. Crosby: Thanks for coming by -- always glad to welcome new friends.

    Ricardo: Gracias! Mucho gusto en conocerle! Bienvenido a mi blog!

    Colleen: Glad you enjoyed it! It's prolly my favorite of his songs and fit the day perfectly!

    I seem to be persona non grata these days.

  5. AITBR: You are soooo welcome.

  6. Well, we are still here and six has been and gone hours ago.
    I hope you're not disappointed!

    Have a sunny day.

  7. Friko: It' gone here, too! I never expected it to come as apocalypse harbingers are of a brand of crazy with which I can't cope. It's actually quite lovely here today!

  8. Love John Denver songs.

  9. Happy Post Doomsday!

    love that song

    enjoy your tomorrow

  10. I kind of feel sorry for the true believers. What a letdown.

  11. I love that song, Kay, but I cant' listen to it unless I'm in the mood to be wrecked.

  12. We flew back from Hawaii yesterday, we didn't want to be on a plane and have the pilots "raptured" out of the cockpit while half way over the Pacific. Now I keep hoping Armageddon will happen before my next credit card bill gets sent to me.

  13. I love this song, too. I was wondering about this Rapture thing. Well, he apparently guessed wrong the last time too so that pastor will have to recalculate his prediction. It's almost midnight here in Hawaii so I hope we're safe.

  14. We'll were all still here in Texas.

    Wonder what that portents?


  15. Ah, John Denver. He's kinda smaltzy, but did some decent stuff. I saw him at Tanglewood in western Mass., summer of '73 -- good times!

  16. Mare: That one's my fav!

    Dianne: LOL Thanks!!!

    Lorna: I think that anyone who actually believed it needs help.

    Snow: LOL Nahhhhhhhhh you need "Colorado Rocky Mountain High" for that!

    Robert: LOL Y'all were a little profligate on your spending, huh?

    Kay: I never doubted that we were safe.

    Pattie: I never thought you wouldn't be! We need Texans -- give or take a couple.

    Sightings: Ahhhhhhhhh '73!!! Those were the days my friend!!!!

    LTTS: Me, too -- obviously!

  17. The other possibility is the rapture came and nobody was worthy ;)

  18. Rain: I thought of that, too! It was prolly cancelled due to lack of candidates for the Elect which should be a message to the overly sanctimonious among us!!!


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