Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life intrudes on Blogging -- but Y'all Knew That!

In case anyone noticed, I took a day or so off from here and everything else. It wasn't because I wanted the time away from y'all. However my right eye became contrary and decided that it hated brightness of any kind so I couldn't sit here or anywhere else where there was bright light. It was no fun at all -- imagine being stabbed in the eye with an ice pick and that's how I felt. No fun at all!

I saw the doc and guess what the solution was? More drops!!! Hopefully, it will work well and my travel plans will not be disrupted. The good news is that my nerdy new reading glasses were ready so I picked them up after I finished with the doc. Bryce says I look like a librarian or a nerd. Oh well -- I AM a nerd so that's okay by me. I hope that last statement didn't burst anyone's bubble. (giggle)

In the midst of it all, Jeff appeared and disrupted an already annoying couple days. I sent him packing. It felt good. He was not amused.

That said, I'm going try to get around as much as I can tolerate until the drops do their magic and I'm back to what passes for normal in Kay's World.

Quote of the Day: "(Michelle) Bachmann is the candidate for people who find (Sarah) Palin too intellectual." -- Bill Maher

Here's the housework music/song for the week:

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Give your eye a rest!!
    We are patient friends and will still be here when you get back!

  2. Hang in there, Kay. I love the Bachmann quote which has been kicking around in the media. Whatever became of Palin anyhow? Hope your eye improves enough for you to travel.

  3. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Oh, love the Bachmann stuff. Keep it coming....if only it weren't so sad.
    Take care of your eye! I had retinal surgery not too long ago....I know how scary it can be to think of eye problems.I think you and I both enjoy reading, computer, all of the things that require good eyesight.

  4. Being stabbed with an ice pick hasn't made you less sharp. take care.

  5. I sympathize with you on the eye problems. I had to stop wearing my contacts last winter--my eyes were simply too dry and the irritation was excruciating. I tried them a couple of days ago and could not stand them for a moment. I guess I will have to go back to glasses entirely. Blast!! I had noticed you hadn't posted but since I sometimes don't post I figured you needed the time. Take what you need, kiddo.

  6. Oh, I hope your eye will be better very quickly. It sounds extremely painful!

  7. Hope your eye is doing better. Its no fun when they act up.

    I love that song :)

    take care

  8. Perfect song for this Kay too. I've had a rather tiring several days working on an UNending project. Art told me today, "Stop already and do some blogging. It'll perk you up."

  9. How come eye pain is such a pain the a_ _? Hope you're better!


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