Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thanks and Afterthoughts

I really appreciate all y'all who came by yesterday and left such nice comments!!! My front porch is reasonably neat and clean and ready for summer!!!! And today is another sunny day in Ohio. I slept like a rock.

Yesterday while contemplating all the John Denver comments, I realized that a more apropos video might have been this this one but I stand behind what I chose because I like sunshine a lot and it's been in short supply.

There have always been predictions that the world will end and cults -- for want of a better term -- and, so far, they've been wrong. One of my favorite books is The Clowns of God -- the second book of Morris L. West's Vatican Trilogy. Although some call it dated, I think it holds up pretty well in our muddled times. I also don't think there's any point in worrying about them because ain't nobody getting off this rock alive if it happens. Just my take.

Bill Maher had a really intelligent and witty panel on Friday and they provided some interesting and intelligent insights here. I think Dylan Ratigan is terrific but I'm a sucker for charming Irishmen which I think y'all know. Bill also weighed in on the IMF guy who is now in jail and the Arnold's confession but I couldn't find a clip for y'all.

Gotta run! There are places to go and sunshine to enjoy so here's another great oldie -- I like this version a lot:

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. We all forgot to pay attention and only noted this morning that we were still here. :)

  2. That's one of the drawbacks of having basic cable, no Bill Maher fix... or Comedy Channel at that. Although the Republicans on the regular network news are pretty funny (in a sick sort of way).

  3. Maggie: LOL I love it!!!!

    Robert: I don't have cable at all! I get my Maher fix at YouTube every Saturday or Sunday!

  4. The Rapture came and went....and we're all still here Kay. Some days I wonder if that's a good thing...hee, hee.

    Hey, I saw this comment about Sara Palin on some site....I forget, but I had to pass it on to you...I know you'd appreciate it.

    "Sarah Palin should divorce Todd, and Donald Trump should divorce his wife. Then these two could forge a match made in Heaven. Two unapologetic spotlight grabbers, bereft of anything noble or honorable, achieving fame and fortune on foundations of lies and schemes.

    I can just see their home now - a NY penthouse condo with a gold-encrusted moose in the foyer."


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