Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is usually no worse or no better than any other day in my life.  I was,  like many of you,  zapped by Blogger's disability Thursday evening  and spent a lot of time trying to figure what the heck happened.  The good news is that I had already been around to visit most of y'all  who use other services but wondered that the list seemed short.  When I awoke this morning,   Blogger was still down and according to Google, it had been ailing for 30 hours.  With no end in sight, I decide to get my act together and go do some things that I've been avoiding -- I even put on a skirt and makeup!  

First stop was the optician for a decent set of glasses  for reading.  I really don't need them for anything else but my experience with the drugstore variety has not been good so I decided to get a good pair. Next stops  were the post office and the bank  and as I stopped at the light by the  the fire station, I noticed that a couple of the guys were holding signs and wondered if they were "Kill S.B. 5"  signs.  They weren't -- they read:  Fill the Boot.  A couple guys were holding one their big rubber boots so I guessed it was a fund-raiser and waved one of the handsome young men  to come over and tossed a few bucks in the boot and _____ off the idiot behind me  because he was delayed a minute or so.   I was good -- I didn't raise so much as a finger.

When I finished my errands, I looked up 'fill the boot' online and found that it was a joint initiative and the IAFF and the MDA are partnering for  Jerry' kids!  I love it.  It really shows  that creep in Columbus  (our not so esteemed governor) how greedy union workers are.  NOT!!!!!

Nice to see that Blogger is back and I'll try to get around and visit if I don't fall asleep watching my Netflix .  

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. When Blogger was down, I was wondering if it was just me. And I lost the last set of comments when it came back. Oh big deal. It did make me realize that there are things to get done and it was easier to you did, Kay. Hope you have the nice spring weather that we have here in NY. Boosts the spirits a bit.

  2. I was really frustrated to find Blogger on the blink... for so LONG! I've gotten dependent on it. However, I can't complain too much since it's free. I guess. I'm still sad about losing my comments.

    Friday the 13th is pretty lucky for us. A whole bunch of relatives are born on the 13th. It's pretty amazing. Wait a minute. Our son was born on the 13th and he was born in the elevator. Hmmmm...

  3. A skirt and makeup. Wow!
    Yeah, blogger down was not fun.

  4. I didn't know that blogger was down I guess because I dont use it much and I get so few comments that I wouldn't I wouldn't know if something was wrong

    I got reading glasses in my future too.Go under the knife on Tuesday.

  5. Wow.... I need to do that too. :) Both blogger and my first blog at Open diary (Day Tripper), were both down. I wrote a blog in Word and just didn't post it. :)

  6. Friday the 13th wsn't so bad!

  7. I was just terribly confused by the lack of blogger! I never thought to blame Friday the 13th...

  8. You should switch to Wordpress! (tee hee did I just write that?)


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