Sunday, May 15, 2011

Running Late

I'm late posting today because I went to Sunday morning Mass instead of Saturday evening Mass.  I got caught up on visiting y'all yesterday -- it took about four hours (yikes!) so maybe I need to cut my list  or figure out how to type faster (not bloody likely typing one-handed) -- and I guess I'm persona non grata.  Do I shut this circus down?   I heard from a couple sources that my character has been maligned but no details were forthcoming.If so, I'm disappointed  because I try very hard to be a good little blogger and expect,  that if someone has a problem with me, that they come to me .  (There's a link to my email in the sidebar.)   

* I don't like to write about the 'life' controversy -- as a pro-choice, social justice, renegade Catholic, I don't feel comfortable with it and I have had several excellent conversations with priests I know about it.  I think being pro-life so much more than abortion and  those nice guys over at Down with Tyranny have a great post questioning the commitment of John Boehner and Paul Ryan to the Church and it's teachings.  It's one thing to say that you're  pro-life;  it's another to actually be  pro-life.  Life doesn't begin and end with birth and and this one-minute video says it all about the GOP's agenda:

Bill Maher weighs in on hypocrisy -- and does it with his usual profane style:

This is short but I do have a long list of  'gottados' shouting at me and given the way things have been lately, I just wasted my time. And yeah, visiting y'all is on that list.

Hope y'all are having a great day! 

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I can't possibly read a lot of blogs which is why I never did the follower thing. I think it'd drive me nuts to feel I had to do that regularly; so for me it's I read blogs when I feel like it and the ones that strike my interest-- with a few exceptions.

    Is there a community in the blog world that goes around telling others that they are being maligned? That seems very weird to me but maybe I am simply not in a cliche where I'd hear that kind of thing. I'd wonder how much of a friend I had if they were letting me know people were talking against me without telling me where it was happening to give me a chance to go and see if it was a fair maligning-- in my case, it might be sometimes ;)

  2. I love Bill Maher so much that I have plans to found a religion based upon his teachings.

  3. My favorite part of Bill Maher;s sgow is "New Eules"....It is always funny and scathing---in the Best Sense, and right on the money---especially the last 'new rule' which is extended...!

    I am pro life and pro choice, too. I don't think one has to be one or the other---Of course, the Republicans like to make people feel bad about anything that doesn't agree with them.

  4. Anonymous5:34 PM

    I usually like Maher's stuff. This is a good one. Thanks for posting it.
    Who would malign you? I think you have lots of supporters here. Ignore. And please continue the blog.

  5. Snowbrush... oh goodness; I hope you don't suffer...
    ... Maher-tyrdom!

    The priest's ad is thought-provoking (and possibly effective, though I am less certain of that). I have found many conservatives who call themselves "pro-life" who seem reluctant to talk about anything that I would assume from that term, and instead want to talk only of abortion...

    * Healthy, wanted pregnancies... is that not a pro-life goal?

    * How about ongoing women's reproductive health tests and (when needed) treatment, something that too many women in America cannot afford... is that not "pro-life"?

    * Addressing the all-too-real scourge of STDs, which can be devastating during pregnancy? That should count as "pro-life"; right?

    Fixating on the abortion issue to the exclusion of all other women's/mothers' reproductive health issues is doing an egregious disservice to a vast number of women.

    (Full disclosure to other commenters: as Kay already knows, I have done computer contract work for the local Planned Parenthood.)

  6. Love usual. Maligned? Who in the world would do that...and for what?

  7. have a great day Kay. As usual, I,m buoyed by Bill. bah humbug to maligners.

  8. I am pro-choice, but with giant rules attached. I don't want abortion to be used as birth control. It needs to be highly regulated and not abused.

    I have a hard time keeping up with my visiting too. Life does intrude into my cyber time.

  9. Yes!
    And you are not persona non grata. Like me, there's no time to note, but I know you were there. :)

  10. It's hard, Kay, to keep up and I really want to just as you do. I've just decided I can only do the best I can; that's why I don't get here until late usually. All my commenting comes late, though. That's also why the Maher tape doesn't work any longer. Sorry I missed it, but evidently there were copyright issues and it was closed.


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