Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Update and a Giggle (I think anyway)

I had planned to get a post done for today but life has a way if intruding these days and my computer woes continue. The ex is going to, hopefully, put them to rest this afternoon after we go to lunch.

That said, here's 52 seconds of video that made me cheer and proud to be related to Wisconsinites. The Tea Party and Sarah Palin went to Madison and here's how the union protestors welcomed her:

My favorite sign was "We drink beer not tea!" LOL Y'all can read the story here.

Hopefully, I'll be around later to see y'all!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. I lived in Madison for five years during the 60's while my husband was in grad school.
    Yep. Lots of demos and lots of beer. Go Badgers!

  2. Kay,
    i just spent a couple hours reading through your other blogs to see why you are the way you are...I thoroughly am grateful for your honesty and perseverance throughout your entire life! No doubt life has presented you with trying times and as you mentioned; next time you'll duck and not be God's target.
    My mother was a victim of domestic violence from my abusive alcholic father and repeatedly beat her up and trie dto kill her. To this day I ask why she never left and it was because she was afraid he'd kill us kids; the five of her children so she stayed. I bear some horrible scars from her choice but ultimately know that I am who I am today, and actually like myself because of and despite those experiences.
    Thank you...I enjoyed getting to know you but especially because you are a fellow Ohioan!
    Thanks for visitng my blog today!

  3. Some of my family still live there, and I cheer the marchers on.

  4. Yae for Wisconsin!!! That must be where the people with sense live. I hope the Illini will do the same.

  5. My hubby's grandfather was a presb. pastor in Madison for many years before passing away. He still has a lot of realtives there and they all have good sense :)

    Glad the ex is helping with the computer.


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