Monday, April 18, 2011

It's the Groaner of the Week!!!!!

Life continues to intrude on my best intentions and it's frustrating me terribly. Had a small scare with my eyes but it was remedied relatively simply. I still have lots to do and we're not convinced that my computer is really fixed so the ex is coming over to check out some things this week. I'll bring y'all up to speed tomorrow if the spirit is willing. That said, here's the Groaner of the Week!

Sky TV has just won the rights to screen the first World Origami Championships from Tokyo. Unfortunately it's only available on . . .

. . . Paper View.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. I noticed on comments from others that you are having a birthday. Happy, happy name day, Kay. May you have many many more.

  2. Good luck, Kay! I know what a hassle it is when the computer goes on the blink.

  3. Oh goodie, I get to be the first to groan loudly.........oh, Grooooooooan!

  4. Goooood grooaanneerr. I'm inspired. Thursday's post will feature my very own groaner.

  5. oh, god....baaaad (that's a groan)

  6. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Again....another one....where do you get these things? :)
    Hope thing settle down soon.

  7. Someone wrote a book about puns recently. It isn't funny, but look at the subject matter!
    And Happy Birtday!


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