Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

I'm just rambling today because until I can get my mind to stop asking what is wrong with the damned Republicans? Repealing the health care bill is unconscionable. If you have never been without decent health care, I congratulate you. You have been very blessed. I have been without healthcare in recent years and it is horrible -- especially if you have a chronic condition as I do. My Medicare is a blessing and I feel sorry for anyone who has no health care.

* My name finally came to the top of the waiting list for the complex I was considering and they asked me to come and take a look. It was a one-bedroom unit and it was quite nice but I said "no". My furniture wouldn't fit in it. I swear they lie on the dimensions of the rooms. I did like the kitchen but even it wouldn't hold my table and chairs as well as I'd like. I think a two-bedroom would be better -- maybe. I've pretty much decided to stay where I am -- it isn't perfect but I have room and good neighbors mostly so here I am and here I'll stay -- for now anyway. Some of you who are newer here might want to see my home and a while back I did a series and posted photos here, here,and here, And who wants to move during an Ohio winter?

* I'm actually going to be social for a change! I've been invited to a friend's gallery for the opening of an exhibit of quilts Friday night and on Saturday the Symphony is doing Bartok, Mozart and Liszt. I get to dress up twice! Cool, huh? My black dresses have been screaming "Wear me!" so I will.

* Here's a funny Photshop my friend Blue Gal made. Check out her blog -- and the Friday podcast -- it's some of the best, no-nonsense, liberal thinking around!

And here's Anthony Weiner talking sense again!!! I'm thinking that I like this guy a lot!

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!



  1. Yes, I am thank you for asking. Dinner is a nuke and eat meal, and I have caught up with most of my blogging friends. Amazing that.

  2. i like Blue Gal! thanks for the tip....
    as for moving in winter....gaack

  3. thursday's been a good day for you. and I sympathize with your need for a kitchen with a table and chairs. In my house, I had a kitchen so big that I had a reading couch in my I have three counterstools and a counter. Still we like it. We think "cozy" not "roomy" and it works.

  4. Don't know what is wrong with the Rep's but I do know they are jerks :)

    Have fun at the exhibit & symphony

  5. Thanks for the linky love! xo

  6. Wearing black? Don't get mistaken for one of the musicians! It would be difficult to fake at the high level of performance that I remember in those small-town Ohio symphony orchestras.

    Your current abode looks large and comfy in those pictures. Kitchen arrangements are a bit crowded in all older structures; I live in one. Of course, considering my condition, I may never move again.

  7. I have been reading your last few posts. I know how you feel after all the tragedies that have happened. I don’t understand in a way how can a country, which is the most religious in the western world, can also be the one with so much hate – it just does not go together, or does it? I really think that the tone has become virulent since they de-regulated the news. Before, the news on TV was more or less non-profit. When they let them be a profit center the TV stations had to make more noise to get more viewers and the noise has been getting meaner and meaner. Same in politics. That’s why I like to watch Jon Stewart of the Daily Show – he makes fun of it all. Thanks for visiting my blog I always enjoy your comments.

  8. Kay -- thanks for the Weiner video. I I am an independent that realizes that the corporate world runs our country not the politicians. barbara

  9. Anthony Weiner is a breath of fresh air.

  10. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Moving is bad enough, but doing it in the winter is self-imposed torture. It would have to be a great place to justify that.

    Enjoy your social life!

  11. The Repubs are driving me crazy, too. We had a doctor's appointment this week that cost us $250 and Rx that took another $250. I came home and tore up my rent check.


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