Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Come on a My House -- Part III

This is the last -- for now anyway -- visit to my humble abode. Plumbing problems reared their ugly head at 3 AM yesterday and therefore y'all won't get to see the bath as Dan couldn't get over here to do repairs today. I surprised him by making sure that further mess would not be forthcoming. He laughs and calls me Josephine and says he wishes my upstairs neighbor would come take lessons. No big deal -- it's tiny but cute but definitely nothing really eye-catching.

Here's my bedroom. It's really quite small bit I like it -- especially the built-in bookcases that hold a good part of my books. I love my bed's brass headboard and -- at least for now -- I'm happy with the spread and shams which were another gift from Richard who thinks he's my mother when he's really just my decorator. There's also an antique double dresser and a chest of drawers. I've pictures that need to be hung and need a few accessories for this room but haven't done much because no one sees it except me. I need to get Rich over here and he'll know what to do -- he always does. (I contend that every woman should have a gay man for a friend -- they're invaluable.)

What Richard hasn't got is a solution for is my kitchen. It can only be described as weird in the weirdest sense that happens when an old house is duplexed. It's a right angle with appliances on one wall (the first photo and cupboards and counter space on the other (the other three photos). I'm hanging pictures on the other walls when I'm a bit more organized. The color scheme is red, white and blue and I'm adding things as I find them. The throw rugs are navy blue and the valances are trimmed in red with red accents. I keep adding things as I find them. It's a work in progress. And yeah, the lighting is weird, too.

Off the kitchen is what could be a breakfast room but I am making it a den. It's a work in progress and will continue as such for a while. I'm driving myself crazy organizing my books and searching for the perfect curtains. My dear friend Hattie aka Mother Pie graciously sent me some gorgeous Mexican textiles that will grace the walls there, as I'll be carrying over the red, white and blue theme there. (Although Richard and I have discussed re-doing my bedroom and putting them there. The trick is finding the right bedspread and curtains.)

Sooooooooooo there y'all have it: you've seen prolly ninety percent of my world! It isn't fancy but it's mine and I am reasonably happy here. Dan, my landlord, says I'm the best tenant he's had here. I just bite my tongue to keep from asking for new carpet.

I promise that when the den is done, I'll invite y'all back again!!! Thanks for visiting!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. Love your brass headboard and built in bookcases Kay....and your dining room area. Actually looking over all of your picks from your posts...your whole place is pretty cool. It's very warm and comfy....and you add a lot of nice touches. Hugs, Joy

  2. It is obvious why you are so cozy in your nest:)

  3. You've done a great job and sounds like there is more to come. Looking forward to seeing it completed and yes ask for the carpet it's the least he can do.

    Have fun.

    Dorothy form grammology

  4. How fun. I should get my rooms in good enough shape to photograph. Thanks for the nice tour.

  5. Loved the tour, very warm and cozy looking. I like your bedspread and those built in book shelves are to die for. You have a wonderful place, it was fun seeing the pics and being a part of your world :)

  6. If he says that again - I would definitely ask for carpet!! I love the built-ins. I assume that they flanked a fireplace once upon a time.

  7. After getting the tour of your digs Kay a couple of words sum up your place homey and comfy. Thanks much for giving us all the tour.

  8. Old houses have such good bones, don't they? I thank you so much for your detailed tour; I feel like I know you better now.


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