Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keeping On Keeping On

I'm still fighting with this cold/whatever and am seriously tired of it. Assorted other nonsense adds to the 'fun' and do rain by the buckets pouring on -- I've had fun and, my friends, this ain't it so forgive me if I'm a bit snarky.

I get assistance with my utility bill because I'm low-income and I dutifully re-certified last month and had a long wait in line outside (which I think is the source of my current illness) and waited inside nearly all damned day last month to get things right -- or so I thought. Wrong!!!! AEP has everything all screwed up and wants me to pay nearly double the amount I'm supposed to pay and shows electricity as my primary heating source -- WRONG! I called Columbus to the Ohio office and they said to tell AEP to fix it so I did and they say our local office has to fix it. Right. I held strong and she finally told me that I needed to talk to the Public Utitlities Commission which almost sent me ballistic but, fortunately, I managed not to lose it. I called the PUCO and talked to a really nice, very helpful young lady named Maggie who checked out everything and said yes, my local agency messed up so I needed to call them which I just did and left a message for them to call. We shall see if they call back. If they don't, I just had a light bulb go off in my brain
and might have an end run through the red tape. Pray, light a candle, think good thoughts or whatever y'all do to get through hell. Thanks!!!!! In my next life I'm gonna be rich.

(Vent mode off)

* I got this marvelous history lesson from Russ up in Wisconsin and it's wonderful food for thought and if y'all forgot what was happening here before the American Revolution, it's a excellent reminder and germane to our country today. Here's an excellent short excerpt:

Incorporated companies with proper limitations and guards,
may in particular cases, be useful, but they are at best a necessary evil only. Monopolies and perpetuities are objects of just abhorrence. The former are unjust to the existing, the latter usurpations on the rights of future generations. It is not strange that the law which will not permit an individual to bequeath his property to the descendants of his own loins for more than a short and strictly defined term, should authorize an associated few to entail perpetual and indefeasible appropriations…? – James Madison, March 10, 1817

* If y'all like to bake for the holidays, you can have some awesome new cookie recipe delivered to your inbox here. I get these every every year and it's fun!!!

* This group's website is self-explanatory and doing good works that are working: Glen Beck kas no sponsors for his program in the UK due to their efforts. Imagine what would happen if we all told his sponsors that we would no longer buy their products/services as long as they funded Beck's lies. It works for me.

& I swiped this video (and added it to my YouTube Channel) from my friend Colleen whose quirky sense of humor meshes with mine!!!! Thanks, girlfriend!!!

* Any weekend the Buckeyes win a nail-biter and I get to hear/see wonderful music, it's a good thing! Too bad such euphoria gets dashed when one returns to the real world. Sigh. Hence the today's song screamed for a sappy oldie. Sigh. Tomorrow I hope to be back to my regular nutty, rockin' self.

Whew!!!! I started this post at 2 PM while I was in 'hold mode' and it's 10 pm now. Can y'all say distractions and interruptions? The worst part is that I don't have the problem resolved there goes my day tomorrow. Sigh.

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. Get well - I have not been here for a while. Will be back more often
    109-4 Willy

  2. Wow, when it rains, it pours--in more ways than one. What a bummer about battling the bureaucracy. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I thoroughly applaud the "necessary evil" quote and wonder how necessary corporations beyond a certain size might be.

  4. hope you're feeling better soon!

    I understand your frustration with the utilities -- we make just enough that we don't qualify (someone explain to me how making $24 more that the arbitrary limit means you can afford to pay that bill?!), so we are now in "freeze out" mode here -- thermostat set at a balmy 62 degrees during the day and 57 at night -- no wonder our bodies ache

    good luck getting your folks to get it right!!

  5. gigi-hawaii12:11 PM

    What great videos, Kay. Thanks for posting them. They made my day.

    I know what you mean about bureacracy and passing the buck. It is so aggravating!

    Prayers and good luck!

  6. sorry you're having so much trouble. Bureaucracy sucks, and I used to say that when I was part of it.

  7. Feel better and brighter soon.

  8. AEP operates the power in Tulsa, and they have more money than clues. (And they're always asking for more money.) Fortunately, I'm not on their network.

  9. I hope your battle with the bureacracy soon ends in victory for you.

    Keep working on that cold. I used zicam and it seemed to cut my cold in half like it claims to do. More than likely, it was the power of suggestion. Cynic is my mddle name lately

  10. I hope you will feel better soon. Tonight I feel as though I might be coming down with a cold - and that would be a disaster at this time of year for me.

    I have loved Stan and Ollie for over 60 years, and I'm surprised how well their movements fit that music!

  11. Willie: Good -- and a 10-4 back ay ya!

    Fran: Always an adventure in Kay's Wonderful World!!!

    Nance: I just love the Founding Fathers' way with words.

    Bev: As I always say when I have to deal with those 'people', it makes sense if you want it to. Sigh.

    Gigi: You're quite welcome and thanks!!!!

    Lorna: A girl has to eat.

    Chancy: Thank you!!!

    Chaz: They aren't fun but the people (?) who I have to deal with are worse.

    Maria: It will but getting there is the hard part. As to Thanksgiving, it will just be another day probably.

    Judy: I'll be fine -- I should have taken care of this sooner. I hope its just a wee cold. I was amazed too and I love Santana so I had to share it.


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