Monday, January 25, 2010

Tuesday Random Thoughts

Tuesday is upon us and I've been thinking about a lot of what I've been reading in the press and about life in general. None of it is very pretty. One would think I'd become immune but so far I haven't.

* I got a happy letter in the mail. It came in a pink envelope. I finally mentioned to someone at the office last year that that letter always made me nervous. She told me that you only get a letter if your test is normal so I smiled when I saw it.

* I was delighted that Jeff Bridges got both the Golden Globe and SAG awards. He's not had a lot of recognition for his long and solid career in films and I've always enjoyed his work. I was appalled at the "getups" (I'd never call them gowns) some of the actresses were wearing. Who the hell are these so-called designers?

* In recent weeks I saw a lot of 'Conan or Jay?' around the 'Net. My answer: Neither. I watch Letterman. Anyone who is on Sarah Palin's hit list is okay with me.

* I'm so glad y'all liked my Laughing Yoga post. I'm going to see if anyone is doing it here and sign up if I can. I think it's a great concept. God knows, with the state of the nation, we need it desperately.

* Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez claimed to Fox News (who else?) that the U.S. used technology to cause the Haitian earthquake as practice for a showdown in Iraq. I think he needs to have his meds adjusted.

* An acquaintance sent this article about the privacy changes at Facebook. It might help those of you who think it's okay. And would someone please an eye on whether they deleted my account as I requested and let me know? Allegedly it takes up to 14 days which seems pretty damned idiotic to me.

* One of my favorite columnists is Bob Herbert. He always seems to get it right and last Saturday's column was no exception. I thought the best line was "What we’ll get instead is rhetoric. It’s cheap, so we can expect a lot of it." I'm tired of rhetoric.

* Dr. Libertin's office called to tell me that he wants to do an endoscopy soon.
I am sooooooo NOT amused. And here I thought I only had one more test. Sigh. And while this isn't as bad as the colon thing, I'm definitely not happy about it but then I'm never happy about anesthetic.

* Another favorite columnist is David Brooks (I like the New York Times -- sue me!)
and you can read two of his latest here and here.

* What's up in South Carolina? We have John Edwards with an illegitimate child. Just a few months ago Governor Mark Sanford became a known adulterer. Now their Lt. Governor, Andre Bauer, put his foot in his mouth so deep that it may never be seen again! It would be funny if he weren't a walking caricature of stupidity and knew what he was talking about. There is a video here. Don't get me wrong -- I like South Carolina -- it's a lovely state to visit and the people I've met are always gracious but I advise them
to throw these bums out of office if not the state. What bothers me most is that all of these men call themselves Christians.

Not much happening at my house lately. If my life gets anymore boring, I'm going to scream. After the weather breaks, I'm going to head up north to look around and maybe check out places to live.


  1. O, Kay, where will I begin? Will laughing yoga do you good--if you think it will. After I read that post (which did not entertain me--rather read one of your corny jokes to get a laugh--thought that you have much to share, you do it all the time here.

    In my mind, Kay runs her own workshop, tells jokes and intersperses with difficult things that have happened to over her lifetime. And she moves on to the next joke. It would need a snappy title, of course. Shall we work on this?

    Bob Herbert is a favorite of mine too. Couple of years ago, heard him speak along with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Quite a duo--Herbert was a good ballast to Gates who gets a little out-there at times.

    Went to a play in progress this weekend about Hillsboro, Ohio, in 1954/5. Fascinating history you may know about; will try to blog about it one day soon.

    Thanks again for cheering us up.

  2. Most people would think my life is boring but I like it that way. Sorry you're climbing the walls.

    I'll check on your facebook thingy for you :)
    I think all I have to do is type in your name.

    You know what's wierd, the same thought Hugo had ran across my mind, then I thought nooo way. Yikes, I don't like the idea that I had the same thought that he did. Of course I came to my senses, looks like he didn't.

    Have a good one :)

  3. Checked facebook, you are not there anymore.

  4. It is so discouraging to hear about all these AS*HATS---John Edwards is one of the biggest! And I couldn't bear to listen to the ignorance of that Governer...Help Us And Save Us!

    I'm a "Letterman" person, too...And I did enjoy all of his rants on Jay, I'm ashamed to

    The more I hear about Facebook--the scarier it sounds. I don't get it. The appeal, I mean, and then, it's like they are 'Big Brother'.

  5. Anonymous12:13 PM

    haha!!! Finding a NEW place to live ALWAYS kills boredom!

    So, you know what? DO IT!!!

  6. Come to Oregon where people think like you. I moved here from Texas. As you can imagine it is political heaven for me.

  7. Thanks for the information about the doctor's letter. Now that I think about it that's also how it works here. Wish I had know this before my last check-up. I was nervous while opening that results letter, too.

  8. Wait a minute! I live in the north (waaayyyy north) and I have been considering moving to a warmer climate. Maybe we should just switch. I am sick of the cold, the boring is just fine.

  9. Hi, Kay. I also checked Facebook and you are not listed on my friends list anymore nor were you listed when I searched for you by name.

  10. Chavez probably caused the quake by pumping all that oil out of the earth in Venezuela. Something has to get in there to fill that vacuum, you know.

  11. Anonymous2:01 PM

    More on Facebook: "January 20, DarkReading – (International) Researcher: Flaws in Facebook app authorization could lead to clickjacking. Vulnerabilities in the way members authorize the use of third-party applications in Facebook could potentially lead to loss of personal information or even targeted attacks on specific individuals, a security researcher said on January 20. A well-known security researcher and author of Hacking: The Next Generation, says he has discovered design flaws in Facebook that could allow attackers to collect the personal information of users on the social networking site, and even build profiles of “friends” that might facilitate direct attacks on specific individuals within a company. The flaws were presented to Facebook in November; the researcher has agreed not to release specific code or other details for two weeks while technical staffers at the social networking site continue their efforts to patch the vulnerabilities. The researcher says he has begun to speak generally about the problem, with Facebook’s permission. The vulnerabilities center around the way Facebook enables users to place third-party applications on their social networking pages, the researcher says. Source:"
    The above was part of a daily report that I receive from our county government.
    Cop Car


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