Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Old TV -- Comedies (Part 3)

Because there were so many comedies on television in the 50s, please bear with me. I'm trying to show the vast variety that abounded in what came to be called a 'sitcom'.

A favorite at our house was The Bob Cummings Show starring -- who else? -- Bob Cummings, Ann B. Davis and Rosemary DeCamp. It was a bit more glamorous but just as much fun as the family oriented shows we looked at last week.

One of the few shows that starred a woman with a career was The Ann Sothern Show with Don Porter as her grumpy, opinionated boss.

December Bride, starring Spring Byington and featured Verna Felton and a young Harry Morgan, was one of the few shows that starred and featured elders.

Amos 'n Andy was another rarity because it had an all black cast. Some say it was racist and I guess it was but to a little white girl in Toledo who lived in an all white neighborhood, they seemed okay to me and were as funny as anyone else on TV and it made me wonder why people didn't like them because of their skin. Here's a hilarious clip!

That's it for this week -- next week we'll look at some other types of comedy shows. I hope y'all are enjoying these visits to our younger years when times seemed so much simpler.

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  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Kay--Recalling old TV programs is your generation's answer to my generation's recalling old radio programs. We each enjoyed our own, didn't we?
    Cop Car

  2. Don't remember any of them but do remember conversations about the Amos and Andy show.

    Things sure have changed, haven't they. I do not understand the snese of humor in some of the comedys today, I don't think its funny when someone throws up.

    The writers today should look back on these programs you've shared and see what good writing is all about :)

  3. Anytime I start playing these great videos, the husband wanders in and watches, too.
    Thanks, Kay!

  4. We watched the same shows. I have wondered why there aren't any Amos and Andy reruns. I'd like to see them. What a wonderful ride back to the days when things were not as complicated for us...maybe our parents, but not us!!

  5. It's fun to be reminded of these old shows. I loved December Bride. I loved the Bassett Hound I've always liked shows with main characters you never actually see. I'm thinking Harry Morgan's wife was one of them.

  6. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Oh my goodness! I remember all these. I loved Ann Southern, and remember her student? what's his name? he's still around, but I can't remember the name. Loads of memories here. Thanks for reminding me.

  7. Damn! My fingers got too ambitious and I hit a wrong button and my comment disappeared! I hope it made it. If it's just before this one and says anonymous it was probably me!


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