Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Quick Note

It's been a tough week on a lot of levels. I am exhausted and don't know why because when I look around, I can't see that I've accomplished very much. I think I need to regroup and that that will be my weekend project along with keeping up with y'all. That said,it's 4:21 and I need to get some sleep.

Here's a video clip from a 1998 London revival called "Songs from the Musicals". Do y'all recognize this handsome lad? It's Hugh Jackman!!!!! Who would have thought he could sing, too!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Sorry, I just can't stand Hugh Jackman in the role of Curly, not after Gordan MacRae. The differences in the two voices is staggering. I realize that Jackman's voice is more "realistic", but this is musical theater. It's not supposed to be realistic.

  2. Anonymous1:05 PM

    I love Hugh Jackman. He was a good singer and dancer on the Academy Awards show. This song made my day. Thanks, Kay!

  3. (What the heck is that Russian stuff about Xrumer in the comments?!)

    I just looked at my clock and see that I've logged on here at 3:14 local time, or 5:14 your time, so that means you're almost an hour into your sleep. Hark! Is that snoring I hear?! Certainly hope so. Sleep is good. Real good.

  4. Lynnette: I agree that NO ONE cam replace Gordon McCrae. However, I found it interesting that Hugh Jackman could sing and figured that I didn't know, others probably didn't know either. And God knows he has a pretty face. I like a lil' beefcake aroung here now and then.

    Gigi: Glad you enjoyed it.

    Alice: (a) It's spam and I accidently forgot to disallow it. It is now deleted. (b) No I was not -- my sleep patterns are all out of whack to put it politely.

  5. I do not care for musicals unless it is Disney, I'm such a chump :)

    But, I agree he's a hunk!

  6. Hugh was very good on the Oscars, so I know he can sing well and dance too.

  7. Just lovely singing. He does really well on thanks Kay.

  8. and he can dance, too, as we all know since the academy awards. And I look back on just about all my weeks in the same way--not that they're really all that tough, but I can't see I accomplished all that much! And I've commented two times on this one. (See? I'm always behind in my reading.)


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