Friday, March 13, 2009

Update from the Land of Grog

I promised an update and hope I can write and have it make sense.

I was supposed to go out last night and was looking forward to a fun evening hanging out with friends. Instead, I fell asleep for five hours. That sums up a good part of how I spent my time away from here; I slept when I wasn't battling with bureaucrats. The battle isn't over and even if it gets settled, it will remain a struggle. Here's the rundown:

* I'm in limbo on whether I lose some of my medical assistance. They changed it and I'm not certain if I lost part of it or not. No one is answering. I just keep dropping off paperwork -- probably a waste of gas.

* I'm not scheduled to see my endocrinologist until the 27th and that's a battle that cannot be won. Bottom line: if I lose the above, I'll never get well and incidents like tonight will continue and no one will bother to ask me to go anywhere.

* My new congressman, so far, is useless. Allegedly, his office has sent me forms I need to sign TWICE and I haven't received them. (Either our "new and improved" postal service -- they moved it to Akron and we lost jobs here -- isn't working or his staff is lying to me.) It's a toss up deciding which to bet on.

* My home is a disaster. Lack of energy does that. I may never get caught up. I'm going what I can when I can. I make little lists of 4-5 things every day that I want to get done. Sometimes I get half of them done.

* I'm a bad blogger. I haven't been to visit y'all. I've hardly written anything. My dashboard is loaded with drafts of ideas for posts but I haven't the energy to write them. I don't blame anyone for not visiting. Then again, when I'm feeling okay, I visit everyone whether they visit me or not. I figure I'm not the only one who has his/her share of hell on earth.

Well, that's it for now. It's almost 1:00 AM and I've been awake for nearly two hours and guess what? I'm ready to go back to bed.

I plan to make time to visit as many of y'all as I can today when I wake up again. I wish I could promise I'll be back to normal, but last evening tells me I shouldn't promise anything and that makes me sad.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm sorry for your troubles, Kay. I've been sleeping more than usual too, and I think that's another way of running from troubles - at least for me it is. I hope that your paperwork arrives soon and all settled in your favor.

  2. I hope your situation starts improving ,Kay and soon.You know that there is One that you can turn to for help so why not try that. It certainly cant hurt to.

  3. I had been wondering how you are doing. I hope you can get it all straightened out. It isn't too bad when you can take two steps forward and only one back. But when it is one step forward and two back, it gets depressing. Right now, maybe, the best plan is to go with the flow. Do what you can when you can and try not to worry about the rest. Hope it straightens out soon.

  4. You are not a bad blogger; you're taking a break, and that's okay. I knew you weren't feeling well, and I've been thinking of you. I look forward to reading your insightful posts when you're ready to blog. Thanks for keeping us laughing with the groaners!

  5. Sorry to hear your problems are increasing and that help isn't out there in the government to make it better (no surprise the latter but frustrating). I hope things look better soon and that you don't give up.

  6. Relax, take a break, come back refreshed and we'll be looking for you. It seems everyone is feeling overwhelmed lately and you have certainly had your share of troubles. Have faith that it shall all be okay.

  7. I have one phrase that I use when things seem hopeless; it's "This too shall pass." I certainly hope that you are able to get your medical coverage straightened out.

    Your situation is just another reason for health care reform - preferably the single-payer plan that I keep harping on.

    I am so sorry that you have all this stress. I hope it ends soon.

  8. Poop, poop....and more poop Kay. Sorry you're mired in the doldrums sweetie. I wish things would change and we could pluck you right out of them. I pray for something positive to happen for you Kay. Sometimes it feels like it won't happen, and running into a mess of 'red tape' doesn't help...but that's where your faith comes in. I know it's hard to stay positive during these times sweetie. There's no question we're all feeling our share of ups and downs right now on some level. Thinking of you and sending many hugs....Love, Joy

  9. Those are absolutely fascinating. Wonderful post! Blessings to you and your family……

  10. Judy: It's my thyroid stuff mostly. We'll see what happens. The world is full of bad karma these days.

    GFB: Yup! Been prayin' and prayin'

    Mary: Indeed. I am, however getting tired of struggling.

    Amy: Thank you. I have to do the Groaners -- laughter keeps a modicum of sanity for me.

    Rain: I might take a step back but I never, ever quit. Quitting would mean the b*st*rds won. We simply cannot have that.

    Annie: I'm a never say die kind of girl. I think about giving up but I haven't fought all these years to cop out.

    Darlene: Yes it will but in the meantime I'm without the care I need and that's criminal.

    Joy: I might get down but don't ever count me out. It's a nasty world these days. What bothers me is that people worse off than I are going through the same crap and I can't help but think that people are dying because their so-called policies.

    Susan: My family has nothing to do with this. It's me against the world.

  11. Kay,

    Take care of YOU first. The blog is a stress-reliever, so don't let it become a stressor. You know where to find us and vice versa.

    Darlene is so right - this too shall pass.



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