Sunday, July 06, 2008

Random Thoughts from Motown

The Kay is in Motown -- i.e., the western suburbs -- and it's a miracle given the rainstorm I drove smack into after I got to Cleveland and followed for most of the rest of my journey along the Turnpike and the Interstate! The Man had called before I left home and warned me about it but I blithely replied that it would stop before I got there. It did -- just about 10 miles from his place. I am, however, proud of myself -- I managed not to get panicky and kept up with traffic pretty well except near the bridge in Toledo where visibility was iffy at best. The weather has been really nice since I arrived and I'm crossing my fingers for the trip home.

* If y'all haven't been to see Ronni over at Time Goes By today, I suggest y'all go take a look. She has some pretty good videos among her interesting news clips -- I especially took issue with the one with the younguns blasting us elders. Ahhhhhhhh callow youth!!!!!! I wish I was still young enough to know everything.

* We had a nice Fourth. We went over to his mom's and spent some time with her and a couple of his siblings. One of his sisters always wants us to visit her and sort of looked to me for support. Seems like she should know by now that he doesn't do anything he doesn't want to do.

* I'm heading back to Ohio on Tuesday A.M. I'm hoping a to fit in a sentimental side trip -- I'll visit my dad's grave in Toledo and drive by the house where I grew up (and probably shed a tear for happier times) and I might even have lunch at Tony Packo's for the best hot dogs in the world!!! All y'all who are inveterate M*A*S*H fans will recall Klinger (Jamie Farr -- a Toledo native) talking about Packo's. He didn't lie -- the sauce is to die for -- and the beans are awesome. I remember when it was a little beer joint in the old Hungarian neighborhood; now it's a tourist attraction thanks to Farr's contribution of M*A*S*H memorabilia.

* All weekend the city has been hosting its annual festival in the park behind The Man's building. Amusement rides and what I call "fair food" are featured and bands of all popular music genres take the stage nightly. We've included it our walks and tonight there will be fireworks to close the festival. I'm told that the view of it is really incredible from his place as he's on the 7th floor.

Hope y'all enjoyed a happy and safe holiday weekend!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. Have a safe trip back home, Kay. I hate driving through storms like that one. Hope you don't find any on the way back!

  2. Well, sounds like you got into a real old fashioned Ohio summer downpour that goes on forever, and heaven only knows what all else.

    Hope you enjoyed your Motown trip and Toledo time as expect you're probably home by now, or soon will be.


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