Saturday, April 05, 2008

Random Sunny Saturday Thoughts

It's sunny in Ohio and a high of 65 degrees is in the forecast! A rather large part of my philosophy is that any day the sun shines is a good day. My pragmatic side as a native Ohioan keeps me from expecting warm temperatures so today is a bonus! I'm taking a break from the household chores that have piled up and are a rather daunting challenge.

* My hip is better. My diagnosis was correct and I am on the mend. The new office chair that I bought a few months ago was attempting to fall apart and throwing my hip out of kilter. Soooo yesterday when I finished work I headed over to Massillon to a big office furniture store and explained my plight to the nice lady who owns it. She said, "I'll bet you went to OfficeMax or some place similar, didn't you" Guilty as charged. She then explained, everything I ever will need to know about choosing an office chair. There was a wonderful wide selection of chairs and I pointed to one I really liked the looks of and was told it cost $1,000. Just goes to show that my eye for quality is alive and well. Champagne taste and a beer budget c'est moi. I finally found one that was wonderfully comfortable, fit my budget, and even matched my decor. Her helper carried it out to my car. I stopped at Pete's for a late lunch on my way home before heading home to entertain my neighbors as I wrestled it up the steps and walk to my front door. I dragged it in the house, cleaned it up a tad and adjusted the height. Ahhhhhhhhhh! No pain!

* Guess what? I finally mustered the courage to drive on the freeway!!! I didn't even get a hint of panic attack. I am proud of myself. It means I can go visit Uncle Joe and Aunt Ingrid up north. It means I can travel a bit. It also means I can get places quicker burning less gas. I am smiling.

* Tonight is a rare night out for the Kay. Our wonderful symphony is playing Brahms. I am excited about it. I get to get dressed up and hear beautiful music -- it doesn't get much better than that!

* I apologize for missing an installment of "How I Got to Be Me" this week. Pain slows me down. Next week it will return. I do appreciate all the support, love, and encouragement y'all have demonstrated. Thank you for making this effort easier for me. A special thanks to Virginia DeBolt of First 50 Words for critiquing it for me. In case y'all didn't know, she's written several books on writing so her opinions are truly excellent. Stop by and visit her site if you need to jump start your muse.

* I'm delighted that The Friday Groaner got a reprieve! I hope y'all will send some more!!!

* Here's a Maxine I hadn't seen before that really gave me a hearty laugh!!!!!!!!

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!!!!!!! I'm wading through (and attempting clean) the mess I call home and gathering laundry for washing day!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Nothing causes more pain that a shoe that doesn't fit or a chair that doesn't fit. You were smart to shop for another.

  2. Glad you got a new chair and the back is better. Yeah, Spring coming to Ohio can be one on again off again matter -- the Great Lake effect?

  3. That's good news about the chair. Like Granny annie said, a shoe that doesn't fit can cause a lot of pain. I know about that. No more fancy shoes for me, only shoes that I can walk in without any pain.

    There was a time I would wear "sitting shoes". Couldn't walk in them but they looked good. Forget those!!!

  4. I'm glad you found a chair that fits. I bought mine 4 years ago at Sam's (black leather...$99) and it is still good, although if mr. kenju doesn't quit sitting his 230lbs. in it, it won't be!

  5. I realized that the pain in my arms came from having my keyboard too low. I put some books underneath it and the pain is gone! Maybe I need a new chair for my back. (Maybe I need to spend less time at the computer.)

  6. Glad you've conquered panic attacks when you drive on the freeway. I still have them, but I can do it if I absolutely HAVE to.

  7. very good news about hip relief--and other moving-along changes in your life. like millie i once had limited-use shoes, i.e., ones that did not have laces. some even lingered years unused in a closet but finally waltzed off to Goodwill!

    here's to more suuny days ahead.

    yours, naomi


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