Monday, July 30, 2007

More Festival Fun!

Yesterday was another day of HOF Festival activities. It started off with the annual 2K and 5K races. The Kay doesn't participate in such events -- these old bones find walking enough of a challenge! The course for the races begin at the Football Hall of Fame and goes through the lovely parks near my home. My son used to run in it and really enjoyed it. They have a short run for kids, too. It was a beautiful, sunny, albeit hot, day.

Next on the agenda was the Community Parade -- the smaller of the two parades that are held during the festival each year. It's pretty low key and rather short: Scouts, dance and baton troupes, community organizations, a couple bands . . . you get the picture.

A girlfriend's grandson was marching with his Cub Scout pack so we went and whooped and hollered for him and her daughter took a very tired little boy to lunch afterwards while we beat feet to get out to join the gang at Nimisilla Park for The OJays family Reunion concert and it rocked!!!!! Need I say more? Afterwards we had a picnic at my friends Bev and Rob's house and replenished fluids before we headed back out to Stark State for the last night of the Balloon Fest. I love watching hot air balloons. They are so beautiful and graceful but you would never get me to ride in one. Can you say acrophobia? I knew you could. We made it an early night because, Hall of Fame Week or not, most of us are working today.

The festival takes a break today and tomorrow but on Wednesday, it will kick into high gear and stay that way through Sunday. This morning I got a call from an old friend of mine with whom I volunteered at Festival events for many years. She asked if I'd help her with supervising the the hostesses at the events at Civic Center. It's a chance for the Kay to get all gussied up so of course I'll be there. 'Sides I get to see and meet the Hall of Famers -- old and new. Cool, huh?

The local press, of course, is focused on all the events and I want to share with you a really great local columnist. Her name is Charita Goshay and her wit, style, and razor-sharp insights always makes my day. This column about visiting celebrities is a delight. Hope it makes you laugh, too!

I have a busy day ahead to get my place in order for Saturday when it will be my turn to play hostess to the gang! And, yeah, the picture above is of the fireworks at the Balloon Fest Friday night -- the first of many such displays!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. What a fun week.

    I love the sound of parades, parties, reunions, fireworks and general good times.

    Here in this part of Texas, it's normally too hot for much outdoor fun. We have a fairly big offering of events during 4th of July week, but not much more. This year it rained during 4th of July so a number of the celebration have been moved to Labor Day. Personally, I think it will be grand--a little cooler and another chance to party with friends and family. Always sounds good to me.

  2. Good Times, Good Times. Sandra, I love your idea of celebrating the 4th in September. Much cooler. . .

    Here in Utah, it is Days of '47. The Mormons celebrate their landing in the valley on July 24, 1847. I heard a joke, that: there are two other states that celebrate that day as well. Illinois, because the Mormons left and California because the Mormons didn't come that far. . . hahahaha. Hey, if we Mormons can't laugh at ourselves, then who can we laugh at?
    or does it go
    If we Mormons can't laugh at ourselves then who will?
    Have a happy celebration, Kay

  3. Annie, I'm surprised they don't celebrate that up north in Kirtland, OH -- that's where Joe Smith got the ball rolling for you folks as you probably know. The church there is an historic site! Funny, but they sort of ignore Brigham on their website.

    And yeah, you have to laugh at yourself -- it's healthier not to take life too seriously!


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