Sunday, July 29, 2007

If It's Tourist Season, Why Can't We Shoot 'Em?

I mentioned in my previous post that our annual silly season had begun here. Yup! It's Football's Greatest Weekend aka the Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival!!! Thousands of football aficionados/tourists from across the country converge upon our fair city each year to celebrate football. It's party time and we put on a pretty good one. As a matter of fact, Football's Greatest Weekend lasts about ten days! The festivities kicked off (pun intended) yesterday with a food festival and the Balloon Classic out at Stark State College. Both run through the weekend. The word is out that the Kay is out of recluse mode so a few friends and I headed out there to night to sample all sorts of cool foods. We really liked the fried Oreos and assorted other goodies as we watched the hot air balloons take off into the sky and I, of course, forgot my camera. A huge crowd was gathered because Canton's contribution to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- The OJay's (Love Train, Backstabbers) -- performed a free concert. They were born and bred here and come back and celebrate their success throughout the festival with a festival of their own out on the end of town where they grew up -- it's really rather nice. Half the crowd were elders like my friends and I -- we might be getting old but we can still rock! lol They're doing another concert tomorrow out at one of the parks and we decided we're going -- they were that good!

After the concert, the gang came back here and we put on some old soul music and quaffed a couple brews. It felt right. We planned a picnic for tomorrow after the concert and agreed that we will forget we're old fuddy-duddys for a couple days. LOL

And the parade party is here next Saturday morning on my front porch. I promise a full report.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. With photos, I hope!

  2. Glad that they dont declare open season on tourists in Mexico. As you saw I was recently on vacation. Vacation spot was nice --out of the U.S. Sure makes you appreciate what you have though when you go visit the locals and see how they live.

    Did concern me to see a local Policia with machine gun standing on corner of a small town. He could have taken out a whole crowd of tourists in a short time.

    Well Vacation is over and back to work and soon back to blogging.

    10-4 Willy

  3. Welcome back, Willy! Mexico is a lovely country but you can see why the people are heading north. A friend of mine sent me a sermon by one of the bishops down there and he called for jobs for the people so they wouldn't feel compelled to head north. Good idea in my not so humble opinion.

    The title comes from a bumper sticker I saw in Florida long ago. Actually, we're very hospitable, friendly people here in Ohio and we love company! I just am one who hates crowds. lol

  4. Hi Kay: That sounds like a great festival. Fried oreos - I don't recall having 'em!

    The O'Jays are cool. I used to listen to 'em when I was little.

    Quaffing a few brews in the summer is what it's all about. Have a great one!

    Thanks, by the way, for your thoughtful comments on my page. Name-calling is lame, and thanks for pointing that out. I also think you make a good point about the conservation of enemies - that's actually a basic principle of international diplomacy.

    Be well!

  5. You're welcome, Donald! I'm for the conservation of our young men and women! My daughter served 8 years in the Navy and got out because of Bush's policies. She had been planning to do her twenty. I'll go with her judgment anytime because as a noncom she was one of the military who actually work for a living. God bless and keep all the fine young men and women still serving!

  6. Kay,
    Party on! Love the O'Jays..Love train! We fuddy's know how to partay....that's my kind of music. Love the Temptations.
    Ilove food festivals..never did try a fried Oreo! Please take some cool food pics next time. Will put you on my side-bar.

  7. Mine, too, Matty -- I was a Temps & Smokey kind of gal! Still am. lol

    And thanks! You'll be on mine at next update!

  8. FRIED OREOS!!?? growing up in ND, i used to think it was very weird to call Ohio "the Midwest." But you folks truly belong if you're eating stuff like that!

    Thanks for drawing off some of the tourists!!

  9. lol X!!! Yes we are!!!!! I call it "fair food" because it abounds at all the county fairs and festivals here! Everyone has his or her favs. I have a penchant for the big sausage sandwiches and greasy french fries.
    This is the stuff that heart doctors' nightmares are made of! lol


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