Monday, January 29, 2007


Sorry I haven't been around. The Kay has been preoccupied with all all sorts of nonsense. (I call it nonsense here so as not to offend your delicate sensibilities, my gentle blogging friends. The correct term is infinitely more to the point and the sort of thing that would send our mothers searching for a bar of soap!)

I'll share the nicest thing in my life first. Snow and freezing temperatures have finally come to Ohio and with that treacherous sidewalks. My next door neighbor's son, Isaac, has been shoveling my sidewalks, putting down salt, and taking my trash cans to the curb for me! What a great kid! When I told him I wanted to pay him, he said, "I'm just trying to be a good neighbor! Besides, you and the Man are great to us kids!" What a 14-year old -- right? I told him that I just wanted to show my appreciation for his kindness and got him to take the cash. His mom is single and I know they have as hard a time as I do so I'll give him as much as I can when I can. When I told the Man, he was pleased. He really likes the kids on my block and I think Isaac has earned them even more of his respect. What a blessing great neighbors are!!!!!! And to think I didn't want to move last Spring! Living in a family neighborhood has been good for me. I like kids and they seem to like me. When I told my son about the kids adopting me, he laughed and said, "You just can't get away from having spare kids, can you?" He was referring to his and his sister's buddies who always hung out at our house and still call me Mom to this day. I always wondered about that because I tended to be stricter than most moms but it never seemed to bother them. It just proves my point that kids like structure as much as they deny it.

On the downside, someone stole my snow shovel from my front porch -- a pox on them! They had better hope I don't find them and my shovel on my daily walks! It might not be pretty! And now I feel a bit less safe than I did. Sigh.

I actually had a job interview last week. I really liked the people I met and the office and if I don't get it, I honestly don't think it's because I'm not young and pretty. The woman who interviewed me was about my age and was more interested in my skills than anything else. I think the people skills were just what they wanted but I really don't have enough experience with some of the technical aspects. Oh well, it's the price I'm paying for staying home for years and raising decent, responsible people. Never mind that I was always volunteering all over town and, in essence, working for free for years. Sigh.

I was at the doctor again last week -- the specialist this time -- to finally get the result of the tests I've been having. They confirmed pretty much what was suspected and that left me scared. He's scheduling another test for me -- snd it doesn't sound like fun -- and then he'll decide how we'll be proceeding. I looked the problem up on the 'Net and the good news is the chances of cancer are minimal. The bad news is that I might need surgery anyway. Without insurance, that could be a problem and that's what really scares me. Winning the lottery would be nice but first I have buy a ticket which doesn't fit my budget. Sigh.

Another pleasant surprise came as I checked my bank balance when I mustered the courage to look at it. I have been trying to be a very good and very frugal girl! Andddddd . . . there was enough to pay ALL of the bills sitting on desk this month! Am I proud of myself? The answer is a resounding YES!!!! Am I broke again? Wellllllllll almost . . . Sigh.

Soooooooo that's the short version of highs and lows from The Wonderful World of the Kay. I omitted a few things that are causing havoc in my psyche but until I've come to terms with them, I'll leave them rattling around my brain and spare y'all.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Keeping good thoughts for you, Kay!

  2. Mary Ann10:32 AM

    Belated Happy Blogiversary!

    Your snow shoveling neighbor sounds like a charmer. I'm glad you have him.

    And glad to hear you're holding your own on all fronts. You have the same glass-half-full, silver-lining outlook that I cling too.

  3. Your new neighborhood sounds pretty wonderful Kay. I hope the shovel incident doesn't sour you on it. Sending you healthy vibes...and hoping that everything will work out the best for you Kay. I've learned that sometimes you've just got to take care of things and not worry about the rest. Take care of yourself dear friend....


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