Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Random Thoughts Hither and Yon

* Don't y'all worry about me -- the one thing I've come to know as I travel this world is that I always land on my feet. I live my own version of "Survivor" -- it sometimes just takes me a day or two to regroup. In the meantime, I have to kvetch a little. It occurred to me today that eight years ago at about this time, I began a new period in my life and that about twenty-eight years ago the largest catastrophe of my life to date occurred right around this time. It was what I hear people call a "life-defining moment" these days. Perhaps January is my season for fresh hell. The good news is I am here and still fighting the good fight. Thanks for your good wishes, prayers and concern. Someday I'll tell you all about it. The Man seems to think there should be a book about it and one day I might just write it and bore the world to tears.

* Have you ever dealt with bureaucracy? (And if you haven't, please tell me how you managed that miracle.) Aren't the so-called humans annoying? That is, the ones who make you do stupid, non-essential things just because they can? I believe the technical term is sychophant. I don't think that that its first four letters are one shy of 'psycho' is a coincidence.

* Y'all have heard me use the term "fresh hell" now and again and may not know it's origin. I stole it from Dorothy Parker, poet and member of the famous (infamous?) Algonquin Round Table -- a group of mostly literati in New York, who used to answer her telephone by asking, "What fresh hell is this?" I like it, obviously -- it fits my life. And I've always loved her poetry and wit.

* Isn't it annoying that whenever you embark upon a new project, chore or goal, you have to get organized first? How cool would it be just to start something without a thought or planning and have it succeed just because you did everything right sans organization? Before you think I've stripped my gears and ask if I realize that I'm dreaming? Hell, yeah! I have to get organized before I hit the grocery store for Diet Coke and chips!

* I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions -- I usually break them within a week anyway. I figured I'd let the Lord would make them for me and, man oh man, did He ever! How are all y'all doing on yours?

* Why do they call it "research" even though you haven't searched for whatever it is you're looking for before?

* Ted Strickland was inaugurated as Ohio's new Governor this week -- not bad for a country boy from Lisbon, Ohio. As fitting his "down home" image, his Inaugural Ball featured "gourmet" corn dogs (whatever the hell those are) and country music. He pledged to help the working families--damn few of whom, I'm sure--were invited to the party. Given that most of the eighty-eight counties in Ohio have above average unemployment rates, there are a lot of out-of-work people here in Ohio whose plight he hasn't addressed. Whether y'all know it or not, the unemployment rate is a false figure; it only counts people who collect unemployment. It doesn't include people who took a part-time job (or two) in desperation or those whose benefits are exhausted. It might behoove him to get these folks working if he wants to get re-elected. Just my take, of course and it is definitely biased because I'm one of them.

Well, that's what's been wandering through my alleged brain this week. I have to start writing these things down as they come to mind -- I think I missed a couple funnies!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. That bureaucracy stuff....if we all haven't been mired in it at sometime, we know of someone who was. That will suck the life right out of you quicker than anything I can think of.

    New Year's Resolutions...nope, not here either Kay. I'd rather spread my guilt out over the whole year than in the first week of ruins my Capricornian birthday.

    Stay well, stay strong...and give 'em hell Kay....

  2. The "unemployment rate" also ignores those who are underemployed... flipping burgers or selling "Slurpies" instead of making cars.
    "Twenty new jobs created" means they opened a new Taco Bell somewhere.


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