Sunday, February 04, 2007

Random Thoughts on Super Bowl Sunday

* It's Super Bowl Sunday and here in the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, parties abound to pay homage to the pro football gods. I'm throwing one myself but it's for just me which means I can have the game on, listen to it and blog my little heart out without having to play hostess! Good stuff, huh?

* I'm really not a pro football fan unless you count my devotion to the Cleveland Browns -- the comedy division of professional football. My fandom in that area is in memory of my Dad and because my brother would stop talking to me if I gave up on the Browns.

* I am sort of cheering for the Colts today mostly because a young man Mike Doss plays for them. Mike was a high school standout from here in Canton and at Ohio State and is currently on the injured reserve list for the Colts. I'm sure it's disappointing to him. Playing in the Super Bowl, I'm sure, is the dream of every young man who enters the pros. Mike is more than a good football player -- he is a fine man. He spends much of his time working with young people both here and in Indianapolis. Every summer he and his classmate, Kenny Peterson of the Green Bay Packers, host a football camp for underprivileged children -- totally at their own expense. They even have lunch catered. I really respect young men like them who give back to their communities and present such a positive model to kids who need one badly. They are the sort of players I like to see in professional sports.

* Wonder of wonders! I actually cooked today. In the spirit of Super Sunday, I made meatball subs -- a favorite of mine. I kind of cheated because neither the subs nor the meatballs were made from scratch. Since I've been single again, I cheat a lot! However, Rosetto makes pretty good meatballs and I always have Dei Fratelli Italian Sauce on hand. It is by far the most authentic-tasting sauce on the market. If you haven't tried it and, like me, you love Italian, look in the canned goods section of your grocer. And no, I'm not on their payroll!

* It's 3 freakin' degrees here today! We are getting paid back for all the nice weather we had in November and December in Spades!!! I bundled up like an Eskimo and trekked over to the convenience store near me for my Sunday paper and managed not to get a case of frost bite. I politely tell Al Gore, "This sure doesn't feel like global warming!" My buddy, Mary Belle, who lives near Austin, Texas, agrees. Recently, they had snow there and she was scraping ice off her truck with a spatula since ice scrapers aren't considered a "must have" there and not easily found! Schools are closing by the score and the local news is telling us not to go out unless absolutely necessary. Guess I'd best not go get the paper tomorrow.

* Was it just me or did Billy Joel sound slightly off key singing the National Anthem? And he sure has gotten old! That's not to say I wouldn't love to have a ticket to his concert in Cleveland later this year! In my mind, what some refer to as Geezer Rock rules! That Mick Jagger and the Stones are still rocking is awesome and I, for one, loved it that James Brown was still jammin' at 73! May a gracious God be good to him.

* I don't know about y'all but I resent the Spam blogs that attempt to leave messages touting Mozilla Firefox among other things. I had been seriously considering making the switch to said program but now I think I'll just stick with Internet Explorer. Thank God for Comment Moderation!

* Speaking of changes, I changed from dial-up to DSL this weekend and that was an adventure and a half ! It all started when I called AT&T to pay my bill. They've been trying to get me to get their DSL for months and they finally made me an offer I couldn't refuse: no contract, no equipment costs and it's going to only cost four bucks more per month than my dial-up. Don't get me wrong -- I loved my dial-up -- it served me faithfully for 6 years and they were incredibly good people to do business and to me, that counts for a lot and I will miss them! However, technology caught up with me when I got my newer, faster computer and it tended to bog down with the slower connection. My new DSL modem & software arrived a couple days later and I read the info and started hooking up cables, etc. and put the installation CD in and merrily started installing it and then it stopped and told me it couldn't find my ethernet card and stopped the install. I looked and didn't find an outlet for that cable. Grrrrrrrr Well, as I've told y'all before, a techie I'm not. Soooo I called my ex-husband who IS a techie and asked him if I had an ethernet card in my puter. He thought and said, "No." and asked why I thought I needed one. I explained and he said he had a couple that would work and promised to come over the next day and install it for me. He arrived the next day and installed the card and we started the installation again. It looked as if all was well and that I would be up to speed soon when suddenly my computer keeled over dead! He tried mightily to resuscitate it to no avail. I tried not to ask dumb questions or cry as it tends to annoy him and dealing with his temper was not something I wanted to do. He finally spoke after staring at the corpse for a few minutes and said that it was either my power supply or the motherboard and that he had spares of both. I breathed a sigh of relief and said thank you. The next day he called and said my computer was now alive and well with a bigger power supply and he would be over shortly. And he was right. He stayed to make sure everything went well and I wound up having to call tech support because we ran into a glitch but it worked. I found out there was method to his interest because he asked me about the deal I got, etc. as he had been thinking about making a change. The good news is that if he does and uses my name, I get a Visa gift card. In the meantime, I'm getting used to all the new stuff. I really like the speed -- it makes a lot of things go faster. The downside is that it has all this damned Yahoo stuff on it. It's just Yahoo rehashed and dressed up a bit -- but you still can't take it any place nice! lol When I finally get to know how this works, I hope I can get it set up more to my liking.

* Friday was Ground Hog Day and it left me a bit bereft. Ground Hog Day has a special meaning for me. It was my paternal grandmother's birthday. Many years ago, after he'd married and moved away from the central Ohio town where he grew up, my dad started the tradition of calling Grandma on her birthday and asking her if she saw her shadow. His sister and brothers followed suit as did the grandchildren and, subsequently, the great grandchildren as they grew up as I discovered about eight years ago when my daughter called me from Virginia and I told her that I'd called Grandma to see if she saw her shadow. Kate replied that she knew that -- she had had called right after her brother and Grandma told her I had called. This year marked six years since I made that call. She passed away 5 years ago at the age of 95 of old age. I miss making that call and wonder if she saw her shadow in heaven.

Well, I've been rambling on enough! I have an amazing week ahead that just might result in an interesting job. I just hope it's as good as it sounds and that the cold-that-won't-go-away goes away so I can get started. I will keep y'all posted.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Good that somebody's happy about the outcome of the Superbowl!
    Keeping a good thought for you for good news this week!

  2. Football game? What football game?

  3. Loved all your "newsy" news Kay. We're still in mourning here in Chicago....might be permanent. Freezing here...10 degrees as I type; but it's been below zero plenty lately. Trying not to freeze anything about you?

    I hope this job op. works out...good luck.

    Stay warm dear friend...


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