Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This Is What We Are Dealing with in Ohio's 16th District

Just when the idiot Congressman my fellow citizens elected, it got worse. This guy owns nursing homes (and has been sued by patients and their families) and should be the last member of Congress to want to end Medicare and Medicaid!

Here's an the bulk of an email I received from ProgressOhio:

Here’s Your Chance to Send Representative Renacci Your message.

ProgressOhio is inviting constituents, seniors, and activists to attend a press event at Rep. Renacci’s office Thursday July 21st.

Give Renacci a Red Card on Medicaid!

Rep. Renacci’s security and staff controlled the debate at his recent Town Hall. He used tactics such as distributing Red Cards and Green Cards for the crowd to use and then he asked them questions in a way that confused them on how to use the cards to respond. Renacci also kicked individuals out of the meeting and his staff decided which questions would be discussed during the town hall.

Citizens both outside and inside the hall struggled to make their voices heard over the Congressman’s stifling tactics.

Now you have your chance to send Representative Renacci a message and REALLY have your voice heard.

Politicians are currently negotiating a deal in Washington that would cut Medicaid for seniors, people with disabilities, and children while at the same time giving millionaires another tax break. Their schemes could cost Ohio billions of dollars and thousands of jobs!

Medicaid is how most of us pay for long-term care in our homes, assisted living facilities, or in nursing homes. Do we want to go back to the days of the poor farms and old folks homes?

Let Rep. Rennaci know that he was elected to represent all of the people in his district and that we are opposed to cuts in Medicaid.

Join ProgressOhio, a Health Care for America Now (HCAN) partner, retirees, and activists on June 30th in Columbus to send a message to Rep. Renacci that we want our voice heard on Medicaid.

On one hand, I want to go and I want to holler really loud; on the other, his office is located smack in the middle of the richest township in our area and place where there is insufficient parking. AND the cops are the nastiest in the county. Therefore, I don't think I should go because y'all know I'm not bloody likely to sit quietly and swallow the swill he'll be spouting. I do think it's interesting that there wasn't an announcement of this in his latest email newsletter which tells me how interested he is in hearing from us.

I feel kind of gutless for not going but I can't afford bail but the only one who takes care of me is the old lady I see in the mirror every morning and Jiminy Cricket tells me to stay home.

I did, however, sign up to volunteer with ProgressOhio and I plan to help campaign against him in the coming election. Does that count?

I leave y'all with a very old joke: What the opposite of Progress? Congress!

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  1. I think you have the right idea of staying away from this one. He'll get the message when you vote him out of office :)

    Loved the joke :)

  2. LTTS: Every time I get his newsletter, I write back telling him he's a jerk and that I'll be campaigning against him and dancing at his opponent's victory party!

  3. Speaking from the part-time hell of Cincinnati Ohio (Boehner lives 20 minutes from me when he's not Merlot-ing it up in DC), you fight that good fight! We delivered Columbus 5x the 250K signatures to take SB5 to the ballot and over-rule that lying bastard monster Kasich.

    Their bull is boomerang, but we need to guide it back into their faces.

  4. That, as my daughter says, is just ridonculous.

  5. Ricky: I'm going to do my best! I helped some with SB7 too! We gotta get rid of Kasich and his Gestapo. I've mostly lived here all my life and I never thought we would get a worse governor than Bob Taft, Jr. but Kasich is it!!!!!

  6. Sometimes I think nothing can be worse than Cal politics and then you post about Ohio.

  7. I'm up in Cleveland often- we need to get you, me, Randal, ThatGirl, and Lemmy from Steubenville and have a beer over what needs to happen in Ohio. Hehe, smells of revolutionary times...

  8. Fran: For a pretty boring state, we've been lively which proves that the politicians are wayyyyyyyyyy over the line.

  9. Ricky: Sounds good! I'm in Canton so I'm sorta central -- y'all come visit and we'll pop a top and solve Ohio's problems or plan the revolution! LOL

  10. The only thing about Congress that makes me smile even a little bit right now is that Americans are beginning to see the light about Republicans.

  11. One person can't do everything, and it sounds like Renacci's pretty good at ignoring messages from constituents that aren't what he wants to hear.

    No harm in writing him letters -- if he gets enough there's a remote chance it might give him pause -- but the way to have the most practical impact is to help his opponent next election.

  12. I agree, Kay. I doubt anything you might be able to say would influence the idiot. Don't waste your time and breath. Instead work real hard to get him out of office.

  13. You betcha' it counts, Kay, You always do your part. We need more activists like you.

  14. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Our Kay? Sit quietly? Hmmmm...nope...I cannot picture it. Do stay home (to keep your blood pressure down), I would say.
    Cop Car


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