Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Miscellaneous Ramblings

I'm having some health issues this week and am glad that I already have an appointment with Dr. Maria. I have a list and hope she has answers and solutions.

* Quote of the Week: "We're never going to get this done, we're never going to solve our debt problem if we ask only those who are struggling in this economy to bear the burden and let the most fortunate among us off the hook." -- Joe Biden

* The International Criminal Court has issued arrest warrants for the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, his son and his spy chief, citing evidence of crimes against humanity committed against political opponents. Big surprise. I hope they get him and I hope that the Libyans aren't just trading one despotic tyrant for another as so many nations have.

* Those nice folks over at Balloon Juice have come up with a new acronym for the double standard that GOP seems to espouse. I think it is absolutely brilliant: IOKIYAR: It's Okay If You're a Republican.

Do you patronize the DC Madam? Did you get caught? IOKIYAR

Did you advocate "Second Amendment remedies"? IOKIYAR

Did your bodyguards attack a protester? IOKIYAR

Did you put cross hairs on your website? IOKIYAR

You don't know American history or geography? IOKIYAR

Did you cheat on your wife while she was dying? IOIYAR

Did you destroy the lives of your mistress' family? IOKIYAR

Did you use a government helicopter to attend your kid's baseball game? IOKIYAR

But it's not okay to do anything wrong if you're a Democrat.

* Yesterday, as I have many times before, I got a letter yesterday from AARP asking me to become a member. Instead of just shredding it, I cut the membership card in half, wrote a large NO on the invoice and enclosed the following note:

Please be advised that I will NOT support or
join any organization that aids, abets, or supports cuts
to Social Security. Take my name off your list

* If y'all haven't seen the documentary "Inside Job", I highly recommend it. It tells and explains the truth about the banking scandal. Netflix has it.

* A tip of my Thinking Cap to Gryphen for this link. It lists President Obama's accomplishments and it's pretty surprising. Sometimes we focus too much on what he hasn't done too much while ignoring the bigger picture.

* Here's a minute Bill Maher to make y'all laugh a little -- of course, it's politically incorrect!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. I love the way you think
    brilliant post
    shouldn't be called ramblings at all :)

    I hope things go well at the Dr and that you're feeling better soon

  2. It amazes me how many things are ok if you are the of the right persuasion. It isn't ok for gays to marry even if they have had a very long term, stable and loving relationship but it is fine for someone who believes that the sanctity of marriage requires it to be restricted to a man and a woman to cheat on his wife (or to be a serial adulterer if you have been married several women). It is reprehensible for the nation to default on its debt but it is fine for a lawmaker of that nation to carry shorts on that debt that will pay off big if their is a default.

  3. Good stuff, Kay, hope you medical problems get quickly sorted out.

  4. Dianne: I'm glad somebody likes the way I think. LOL I read a lot -- you should see how many newsletters I get -- and just try to put all the crap in the media forward so others can sort out the rhetoric.

    Mary: It it would be funny if it weren't so true. I didn't include everything I found for that list.
    And I've decided that the GOP members of Congress are a bunch of amoral idiots -- both personally and politically.

    Colleen: Thanks! I'll be fine!

  5. Kay,
    I hope your health issues are nothing serious. Take good care of yourself...

  6. If I find I'm being overwashed in political correctness, I always know where to come.

  7. Tracy: We shall see -- I'm afraid some existing issues have escalating!
    Such is life!

    Lorna: Bill is a hoot, isn't he? He sure doesn't mince words!!! I was married to a submarine sailor -- they don't hesitate to tell you how they really feel.

  8. Republicans really make me shake my head these days with their holier than thou attitude.

  9. Regarding New Jersey's Governor's use of the $2500 an hour state helicopter to attend his son's baseball game and then go to a political meeting...

    There was some reimbursement later from the Guv and the GOP.

    There are also questions being raised about the taxpayers paying for his so-called town halls which are, in reality, political rallies.

  10. Kay: Indeed!!!!!

    H ap W: Good for you and your newspaper!!! I love responsible journalism!!!


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