Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just a Quick but Important Note!

My hero, Bernie Sanders, spoke for 90 minutes yesterday on the floor of Congress about a sensible solution for the financial crisis. Here's the video and y'all can visit his website and stand with Bernie by signing the letter he's sending to the President. When I signed there were over 65,000 signers and I hope thousands more are forthcoming!!!! Please help by signing and spreading the word!!!

There is text here.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Thank you for this Kay...I LOVE this man, too....I went and I signed!

  2. Loved the letter. I found it on another site and linked to it.

  3. I love Bernie...He said it all...beautifully. I just went to his site and signed.

  4. Sanders is such a statesman. Unfortunately what he is warning about is EXACTLY what the Conservatives want:

    The Republicans want their position of power back. They will flush the country down the toilet for the SOLE PURPOSE of laying that at Obama's feet at election time. The public will swallow that and want "change" and will allow the Republicans will step in.

    The wealthy will prevail regardless of the hit to the economy.

  5. Naomi: Thank you!!! EVERYONE should!

    Mary: I knew you would be on board!

    Joy: Indeed he did!!! I'm watching the site and the signees are growing at about 1,000 an hour!

    Robert: He is indeed -- we need more like him -- and yeah, he speaks the truth and so do you.

  6. Sanders is one of a very few prominent politicians who are genuinely interested in defending the interests of the middle and working classes in this country.

    It's criminal that he is so often portrayed as a nutty extremist. There is nothing nutty in his form of extremism. Not many decades ago, it was called, "the mainstream".

  7. Shared Responsibility.. Now that would be something new.. Thanks Kay and I hope you are having a great week.. No rain today in Lancaster I "almost" don't know what to do.. LOL

  8. Paul: Thank you for visiting me! I agree with your comment 110%!

    LTTS: Most importantly, he's on our side! I hoped you signed the petition.

    Joe: Indeed it is! Come to think of it, that's the way it once was -- and should be again!

  9. I love Bernie! I went and signed the letter but forgot to note how many signatures they had now--dammit. Hubby sent the Prez a note last week as well. We'll see who plays chicken best won't we?


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