Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Always Something!!!!

I have been a very busy girl!!! I'm trying mightily to get organized so I can go to work on Tuesday and get all the paperwork, etc. in order AND adjust my sleep patterns which is probably the hardest thing. Sigh.

Jeff is going to Ireland in two weeks for about six weeks so I'll have one less distraction. It will give both of us some space although he says he doesn't need it.
Poor Shaughnessy is going to the breeder while he's gone and I'll go by every few days and take him for a walk. Shaughn has no propensity for the hip dysplasia so common in Labs so he is a pretty popular fellow. LOL

Tonight we're going to the annual fundraiser for my friend Lynda's gallery. It's called "Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too!" and it's always fun albeit fattening. There are amateur and professional categories and guests get to vote on the winners! There will also be art for sale from her clients.

Here's an excellent 58 second video that sums up the health care debate from the Miami Herald:

Sorry this is short but I have to get on task here! I hope to get around to see y'all soon!!!! Playing catch up is no fun at all!!

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. Love you, Sweet Kay.
    Sometime I will have go back and read all your blog posts. I missed something somewhere.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. I have faith that you'll have your act together by Tuesday!
    Hope the job is great and most importantly, that you enjoy yourself.

  3. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Good luck on all of your to do's. It will be exciting to start a new job....those first days are always so crazy.

    Take care of yourself and hopefully get some rest.

  4. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Good luck on getting to all of your to-do's. The first days of a new job are always exciting.

    Take care of yourself though, and get some rest!

  5. Short is just fine. I do hope you took pictures of all the pieces in the show. :)

  6. Your night out sounds elegant. I hope you've got your thinking cap on!

  7. Jeff, who's going to Ireland, has a dog named Shaughnessy? Quelle surprise! I hope adding dogwalking to your to do list doesn't push you over the edge.

  8. Have a big corner piece of cake! Good luck with the job also

  9. Annir: Love ya, too!

    Colleen: Oh ye of great faith!!!! LOL

    AITHBR: It's just a temporary job.
    It's will be okay

    Maggie: I didn't but friend Mike took a photo of the cake I won and will email it to me.

    Marty: Not elegant but fun!!!

    GFB: I got to sample all the cakes.

  10. I missed something, too. I didn't realize you were starting a new job, even though it's temporary.

    Jeff sounds like quite a catch. I hope you are able to resolve your dilemna (whatever it is) by the time he returns from Ireland.

    I get the feeling that Jeff is talking marriage or a 'living together' arrangement. Correct me if I'm wrong. Or ignore me if you don't want to comment. Anybody that names their dog Shaughnessy has to be a good guy.

  11. LOL! How bizarre that, on the day you mention 'Have My Cake And Eat It Too' I pitch up here via Robert The Skeptic.

    Like many of your commenters, I don't know the full story of your relationship with Jeff but if he has asked to start cohabiting in whatever legal arrangement, I guess you have a lot of thinking to do.

    For myself, having just come out of a three decades-long relationship, I'm living alone for the first time and absolutely loving it.

    My bloke, Ruf, lives 200 miles away and we try to get together twice a month for a long weekend. Those days are glorious because we put the rest of our lives on hold purely to enjoy being together.

    It means that our romance continues, even though the relationship is maturing and we're not ripping each other's clothes off to go to bed for three days any more.

    We have skirted around the full-time commitment issue but my fear is that we will lose something extraordinarily special in attempting to gain more time together.

    At the moment, we really miss each other when we're apart and our time together is incredible. Once the mundanity of real life starts to impinge upon the romance, something inevitably begins to give.

    And yet, part of me would so love to be his wife... but is that the part of me that wants to be accepted, wants to have a physical sign that she is a part of something.

    Is retaining individual independence and remaining in a more discrete relationship such a bad thing?

    Just thinking aloud and it may well have no relevance to your 'we have to talk' talk.

    Hope the new job goes well and that you reach some positive decisions on your relationship whilst Jeff is away

    Joanna x


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