Sunday, December 13, 2009

Random Sunday Wee Hours Thoughts

It's been a long exhausting and nerve-wracking week on several levels but I think I've weathered it well except for not getting a post up sooner.

* Thanks for your great comments on the Sarah Palin thing. I'm so glad you liked it and the video. Also, I'm glad y'all liked Straight No Chaser's vocal offerings. I think these guys are awesome. I ordered both their Christmas CDs as my present to myself.

* After writing the Palin post, a few light bulbs went off in my head. I remember how, despite the press' best efforts, Jackie Kennedy defended and enforced her children's privacy like a proper mother should. Rosalyn Carter and Laura Bush also did a good job of protecting their girls in the White House. However, the one who sorta surprised me was Hillary Clinton. After Bill got elected, she called Jackie Kennedy Onassis and asked for advice on how to protect Chelsea. Hasn't Sarah noticed that other women in the public eye protect and closet their children from the public instead of dragging them around on display? If she did, David Letterman couldn't talk about them. (By the way, Dave keeps his young son shielded from everyone so I figure he knows what's right in parenting.) That said, I'll probably get hate mail from Palin supporters. If it strikes me as funny and/or stupid, I'll use it as a blog post -- look for 'Just in from Wasilla' . . . LOL! If I don't like it it will be flus . . . er . . . ah . . . moderated (yeah, that's it!)to Never-Neverland.

* On the medical front, I was on the ER on Tuesday due to chest pains. Tests and blood work were run and scrips given and filled. They didn't work so I'm toughing it out. Good meeting with Dr. Krishna (hare hare) on Wednesday. Blood work on Thursday. Call from Dr. K's (hare hare) office on Friday telling me I needed to go get blood work again on Saturday and that my potassium is too high and they were sending me a diet. I got home from the lab and the mail was there and I read what I'm not supposed to eat/imbibe. I put it next to the list of all the things I'm not allowed to eat because of my high cholesterol. Guess what? There isn't a damned thing I can eat between the two. First, I cried; then I started thinking (here I go again) and realized that I've had FIVE blood tests in the past six weeks and the only thing different is the two scrips given to me at ER on Tuesday. Not a syllable was spoken about potassium on the first three. You can bet I'm on the phone asking questions on Monday.

* I don't know if this is good news or not. I have been going over what I want to do here: scouring the archives and old posts; checking for new decor; and considering new ideas for the New Year/decade. Starting tomorrow, The Groaner of the Week will return!! It will be combined with the Friday Groaner. "Why?" Y'all ask. Because my personal groaner archives is dwindling and many of the groaners from y'all are repeats. Kent McKamy sent me over a dozen groaners recently -- and all but one have been published here. I will still accept submissions and give attribution to contributors but there only be one groaner a week.

Welllllllll . . . I'm about ready to fall asleep soooooooo . . .

Happy Hanukkah!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. Kay, didn't Dr. K have the list of what you already couldn't eat before he gave you the new diet? Someone in his office dropped the ball.

    Your point about Palin hits the nail on the head. In Jackie Kennedy's case she also had a husband who thought nothing of using his children for political gain. I've read that he would sneak photographers into the White House to take photos of the kids while Mrs. Kennedy was away.

    What's that bible verse? You reap what you sow? For someone who professes to be a Christian with a large capital C, Palin is not that enlightened.

  2. Palin uses her kids as props and then demands they are off limits. Definitely political tactics. Hopefully she will end up on a talk show kind of person rather than running for a higher office as I don't have much faith in Americans where it comes to voting.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. You did good detective work and it sounds like being alert to your own system is the key.

  3. Kay what a great point regarding guarding the privacy instead of going global.

    Good thoughts for being up in the wee hours..

    Good luck with any life or heart.

    Dorothy from grammology

  4. Colleen: He had a list of my meds and I'm on cholesterol medication so he knows. And yeah, I knew Jack did that. The good news is that both kids grew up demanding their privacy. No Sarah isn't at all enlightened. My fav quote from Gandhi is: "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ."

    Rain: She sure does and that's, at best, tacky. The old school Republicans -- Ike, Barry G, et al -- have got to be rolling in their graves!!! Is Palin Richard Nixon in drag? She certainly has no sense of honor or propriety. And if she's a Christian, I quit.

  5. Dorothy: Thanks!!! I just don't think it's proper or ethical to use your children as political pawns. That said, Michelle Obama is doing a nice job of protecting her girls. And yeah, some luck would be nice. I keep tryng to make some.

  6. too MUCH potassium?? wow. never heard of that. have you been eating bananas by the bunch? my friends from brazil used to WOLF down bananas, but they cooked everything else with homemade garlic salt, so it balanced things out. (i think). and maybe it's not bananas that are a good source of potassium. maybe your blood work results mean you should stay away from everything that starts with a "P"--like politics and you-know-who. goddess knows neither one has done anything positive for MY blood work! *:0)

  7. Nice to talk to you tonight, Kay. Hope you sleep soundly tonight, in spite of your night-owlish tendencies. And I hope you get more satisfaction from your docs.

  8. I like Rain's idea of Sarah ending up as a talk-show host vs. politician. Fox News?

  9. Good points about the difference between Palin exploiting her children and others in the public eye going to great lengths to protect their children. That says a helluva lot!


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