Monday, December 28, 2009

Holy Toledo!!!!! It's Snowing!!!!!

It started snowing during the night on Sunday and it continued through the night and throughout the day. I awakened this morning and threw on my robe to go see what the noise was outside. It was Brice shovelling my front steps and sidewalk. I actually ventured forth to try to do errands but gave it up as a bad job. Too slippery for these legs and poor Miss Ruby doesn't like such conditions and there were fender benders all over town -- typical for the first real snowfall. This evening I heard a snow shovel scraping again and when I went and looked and it was David, aka Lil' Red and the son of my neighbors Red and Carol, shovelling. When I expressed my thanks he said, "I had to do our walks so I figured that I'd do yours while I was at it."

I am so blessed to have these nice teenagers around me. And some people wonder why I like my neighborhood so much! And the snow is pretty if one need not go anywhere.

It's supposed to continue for another day or two so I called and rescheduled my stress test for tomorrow. I'll be doing that on Thursday morning instead. Hopefully, by then most folks will have recovered their winter driving skills and the snow will have abated. Besides, me driving in rush hour on snow after the obligatory fast is a sure fire way to have me in a full blown panic attack!!!!!

Here's my theme song for the next day or so!!!!

However, it all has to melt when I need to drive again!!!! LOL

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. You seem okay with it, but I hope it melts before Thursday. You have such nice neighbors!!

  2. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Kay--I can't believe how many times you've posted since I was last in your neighborhood. Wow! Good luck on getting the snow to cooperate with you on your medical appointment. (And...hope your medical test come back great!)
    Cop Car

  3. nothing like those young backs when it comes to shoveling snow! good for them for taking care of this for you!!

  4. Anonymous2:14 PM

    The last time I saw snow was in 1975, when I lived in New York City. Don't miss it, believe me!

  5. Ach I hate snow.. not the snow per se but when it compacts into ice and I fall flat on my backside!

  6. So many of my blogger friends are writing about the snow that I (almost) miss it.
    The cold is what I find hard to take as I get old.


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