Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Always Something!!!!!

Busy week already! Always an adventure in the wonderful world of The Kay! I'm taking a break from doing my taxes. I don't owe anything -- at least I don't think I do. It's getting all my junk together that puts me crazy.

* I called my son on Sunday and I still haven't heard from him. Either they went to Jen's folks' house in Illinois or he's not returning my call for God knows what reason. I'm not going to begin to guess. I'm just tired of the crap.

* I did get to talk with my stepmother on Sunday. She was delighted that I called. And she asked if I would come to Toledo the first week in June to help celebrate her 80th birthday and meet her daughter who is coming in from New Mexico. She thinks we need to meet. I said I'd be happy to come up and thanked her for inviting me. My next trick is budgeting the funds because I'll need to stay over. It will be nice to get away for a day or so. I just hate driving on the Turnpike. The good news is Barb has a whole boxful of my dad's pictures and his stuff for me.

* Easter Sunday was capped by a trip to ER. I took a dish I had nuked for a late supper. (I'd not eaten all day -- except for jelly beans.) and I was moving it and spilled sauce all over my left hand and screamed. Ran it under cold water for five minutes and it was blistering in spots so I pulled up Mayo Clinic's site and it said that I needed to get it looked at. Soooooooo it was after 11 o'clock and I'm in tears from pain and driving myself to ER. If had been my right hand, I wouldn't have been able to drive. As it was, I was a very nervous girl until I arrived safely at the hospital. They took care of me quickly and covered the worst of it -- my thumb -- with ointment and bandaged me up thoroughly like so . . .

I'm not as good with the gauze as they are and changing the dressing is no fun. I hope it heals fast. It's a nuisance.

* I did want to mention that I've gotten some messages from a couple tech sites' newsletters that I get that there are some really nasty viruses and worms floating around out there so I want to urge all of you to make sure you have all of your anti-virus, anti-spyware/malware and anti-adware programs updated as well as your Windows security updates and run them every single week. I know it's a hassle but it beats getting the Blue Screen of Death or somesuch. If you don't have such software (Yikes!!!!!!!), drop me a note and I'll give you the links to get some good, totally free software that keeps a 'puter up and running. I set aside about an hour or two a week on routine maintenance where I update programs and run the protection software. Even so, I picked up a bug the other day at MSN games and Spybot caught it and killed it. Hallelujah!!! And it proves that even the safest sites can get infected by the pond scum of the 'Net. Y'all be careful out there!!!!!

* Thanks to all y'all for all the nice words about my new photo which really isn't new; it's about a year old. It was taken at the Henry Ford Estate and had I known there was gonna be a photo shoot, I'd have put on makeup and put more time into my hair. LOL! Someone left a comment that I didn't look old enough to be an Elderblogger which prompted me to change photos. I haven't many photos of me. I'm the one who takes pictures -- I don't usually appear in them, However, I do hope to get a couple newer ones.

I'm still messing with my identity stuff -- it's seemingly endless!!!! Hope y'all are having a great week!!!!! I'm hanging tough and I know I'll be fine and thinking about it brought to mind an old favorite of mine from a favorite movie that always makes me smile. Enjoy!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!


  1. I burned my right arm on the oven door on Sunday, so between the two of us we have one good hand and one good arm. LOL!!!

  2. Whoa, you are busy,Kay. I hope your hand heals quickly. The cold water applied quickly helps from my personal experience.

    Good advice on Windows security all of which I do and have done for 13 years of computer ownership

  3. I hope your hand heals quickly. Once teh bandage is off, rub some pure aloe vera on it.

    Don't fret about you son. My son in Iraq rarely calls me (calls his wife daily, as it should be), and he communicates with a zillion people on Facebook, but doesn't return my emails. Go figure ...

  4. Kay D,

    I alos love your new photo, nice to update your photo, I should do that myself!
    Sorry about your Easter surprise.
    Burns are no fun at all and I'm glad that you're on the mend.

  5. Oh Kay...your poor hand. I can almost feel it. Glad it was tended to so quickly...and I hope it heals rapidly. That was no way to end your Easter dinner.

    Thanks for the warning on the Spyware, etc. I'm all set in that department. I couldn't agree with you more. I have a weekly check on my computer. There's nothing worse than getting hit with those miserable viruses. It happened to my daughter, and it fried her hard drive. Now she's got a new computer with great security....lesson learned.

    Hang in there with everything sweetie....have a good week. Hugs, Joy

  6. I'm so sorry about your burn, Kay, I know how painful they can be.

  7. Sorry about your hand, hope it heals fast. You are a busy girl. My computer runs a check everyday, it drives me nuts but better then getting a bug in it. take care

  8. there seems to have been a rash of burns over the last weekend. both my sister and sister-in-law burned themselves. Luckily neither was serious. All the news about the viruses and worms going around on the internet makes me so glad I am a Mac person. Even more glad that they keep the firewalls and security programing updated.

  9. I'm so sorry about your hand, Kay. A burn hurts like crazy. When I was just out of high school (back in the dark ages) the top of a coffee urn full of boiling coffee tipped over on my hand and arm. Some GI's who were staying at my folks place were medics and they put white salve on it and bandgaged it to keep the air out. It stopped burning, I never had a scar or an infection. Bless those medics.

    I hope things start looking up for you soon and no more mishaps.

  10. Love the new photo. And take care of that hand.

  11. HORBLE about the burn! that really sucks. hope it mends well and fast. nice you got an invite from your step-mother. sons tend not to call their mothers so much. in fact, there's a whole industry in ireland creating jokes about that. remind me, i'll send you one. take care

  12. I burned my hand removing 'store bought real mashed potatoes'. The plastic container buckled in the middle, and spilled red hot taters on my hand. Wow! Did that ever hurt!!
    I hope something nice happens your way today.


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