Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's the Groaner of the Week!!!!!!!!!

Before you do anything else pop over to here to see Punxatawney Phil's prediction for Groundhog Day!!!

I didn't get everything done, dammit!!!! The maintenance is done on the computer (Scarlet, if I don't keep the computer tidy, I won't be able to email or blog!) but my house still looks like you-know-what and I didn't get to either the work I need to do on my blog or the work I need to do on my project.

However, I found this excellent musical pun deep in the depths of the archives and decided it would give y'all a really good groooaaannnn!!!!!!!!! If it doesn't, I tried!!!!!Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

There was once this second-rate orchestra led by a second-rate director.

In the orchestra was this guy on the cymbals who never banged them at the right time. So the conductor said, "If you don't get it right this time I'll kill you."

When the time came for the percussionist to get it right, he didn't. As promised, the director pulled out a gun and shot him dead.

Of course, the police came and arrested him and the the conductor was tried, found guilty and was sent to death row. After the appeal after appeal failed, the day came when he was sent to the electric chair. As the crowd watched, the executioner flipped the switch ... but nothing happened. Everyone wondered what when wrong.

But the director knew. Saddened by all that had taken place, he said,

"I never was a very good . . .

. . . conductor!"

Happy Blogging and Happy Groundhog Day!!!!!!!!


  1. That's a gem!!! Thanks...

  2. I'm groaning to both the prediction and the pun!

  3. Egaaaaaaaaaaad that was bad one!! lol

  4. I like that one!! lol

  5. I'm in pain..I'll just groan a little more and I'll be fine!

    Thanks Kay D.

  6. Oh that's one for the gallows.

  7. Yeah, I knew that Punxatawney Phil's prediction would be awful....bummer....kinda like the groaner of the week too. POOP! Who needs six more weeks of this white stuff and all this cold, right Kay? Do you think the little guy got confused? Hey, has he ever been wrong before?

  8. It's more like 8 weeks of winter for Chicagoans.



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