Saturday, December 06, 2008

Random Saturday Thoughts and a Favorite Video

Well, the Christmas tree downtown is lit courtesy of Hizzoner da mayor who wanders around with a couple guys clearing the way crowds for him. I miss our former mayor who needed no such thing -- she just turned up at the damnedest places and acted like "just folks" and even remembered everyone's name but I digress . . . At any rate, downtown is all dolled up for the holidays and all the shops were open for our monthly First Friday celebration. The ice skating rink was open, too -- 20 degree temperatures guaranteed that! I had fun despite freezing my asker off and will pay for it later, I'm sure.

* I finally got my sidebar back where it belongs after a LOT of finagling and lessons learned. You'll notice that a few widgets and awards are missing and they will return slowly but surely. There is still a lot of housekeeping to be done here.

* I haven't put up the Blogger "following" widget yet because only having 9 followers is kinda embarrassing and makes me insecure. I was just at a blog that has 155 followers. What am I doing wrong? Actually, it doesn't matter because I love all y'all unconditionally.

* Speaking of the "following" feature, it annoys me greatly when I try to add a Blogger blog and they say I can't add it. Duh?

* BearNaked has a sinful but delicious treat at her place. If I'm gonna get fat, I'm taking y'all along for the ride!!!!

* I'm working on putting together more of the Founding Fathers thoughts on various amendments in the Bill of Rights. Each will appear as I finish it.

* Tonight is symphony night and we have a guest soloist -- a pianist from Moscow who is coming to us with rave reviews! Needless to say, I'm excited!!

* My buddy Chaz over at Dustbury featured a great quote from conservative columnist, Robert Stacy McCain: "At some basic level, politics is about popularity. When the other guys nominate Will Smith and you nominate Mister Magoo, no grand ideological theory or demographic trend is necessary to explain why you got your ass kicked." He was nice -- he didn't mention Caribou Barbie.

* Here's my favorite video for the holiday season. Eartha Kitt is one of my favorite vocalists and that she's now 81 and still going strong gives me hope!


Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. Is she really 81? Oh my goodness gracious! I'm going to call my mom up here to watch it. Fabulous!

  2. Kay: That video was made in 2006 when she was 79. She's obviously taken care of herself. I don't think she's had work done. Legs don't lie.

  3. Wonderful stuff. I can't beleive she's 81 Kay. As for teh followers I wouldn't get too worried

  4. As far as I'm concerned that's the best Christmas Video of the year. I've always loved Ertha Kit an this is just more of her amazing aging. Oh, if only.....

    Now Kay, you know you have more than 9 followers. My sidebar shows I have ten, but I know I have more than that. Some bloggers just buzz through and don't have time to click. That's okay. Maybe that followers thing should never have been started.

  5. All the merriest of wishes to you. Thank you for the holiday pick up video!

  6. Cat Woman herself ... that's great!

    Hey, I've had over 10,000 profile views, but I only have two followers. I'm not a registered follower of anyone, but there are blogs I read daily ... including yours!

  7. Anonymous11:34 AM

    What's a "follower"? If one must "do" something to become one, perhaps it's a case of some of us readers not knowing that we are remiss, or that we are of a mind not to fiddle with such things. I do follow you, whether or not the system dubs me a "follower".

    Ms Kitt is great, at any age. I saw that Jaye P Morgan had a birthday the other day and, if I recall correctly (iffy) was surprised at how close she and I are--in age. (I'm 70...think she was in mid-70s. Of course, it's entirely possible that she is in her late 60s--making us just as close in age.)

    BTW: Had to snicker at the "Tithes that bind." Very good one from Darlene!
    Cop Car

  8. Jams: I don't t was ajoke -- albeit a bad one! LOL

    Annie: It was done in '06 and I love it. I'll tell y'all a story about that song and why it's dear to me at HIGTBM soon. I love the following thing -- it saves time and gets me around to see all y'all.

    Judy: Meeeeeeeee, too!!!!!! She is one of my heroes.

  9. Lia: same to you!!!!

    Amy: Isn't she just the bomb?

  10. Cop Car: Tt's a blogger thing. They actually did something useful. If they let me add people, I know when they have a new post.
    I'm not surprised that you like Eartha. She's a strong woman. Darlene and Nancy send awesome groaners -- they keep the Friday Groaner going!

  11. Kay: OOPS!!!!! I forgot Alice!!!!! Should I call the three of them The Godesses of the Friday Groaner? LOL

  12. I'm sure you have more than 9 followers. They're just the slacker type (like me) who don't leave comments very often. I know that every once in a while I want to yell: Is anybody reading my damn blog??? (But even if they're not, it's fun to write.) Be assured, there are more than 9 getting a smile from your posts!

  13. Marty: I know you are one of my most loyal folks and yeah, some days when no one comments, I feel likeI messed up but I do love writing and it's good for me on so many levels.

  14. 155 followers!!!!
    It is the quality of the people Kay that follow your blog, not the quantity!


  15. Dave: Very true -- and y'all are the best of the best!

  16. "having 9 followers is kinda embarrassing"

    not as embarrassing as only 2 -- hence why I don't have one!!

    I guess we're both doing it wrong

  17. Gee Kay thanks for the link to my blog.
    How did I miss this?

    Bear((( )))


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