Saturday, November 08, 2008

An Excellent Video

The Kay's been off all week and I'll tell y'all about it tomorrow. For now here's what I think is one of the best videos Jack Cafferty has ever done. The responses to his question are pretty amazing. Enjoy!!!!

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  1. This says it all--especially the guy who told about his parents having to go into the back of a restaurant to order food and then have to take it out and eat it somewhere else. Thank God we have moved past that pathetic time in history. We still have much more work to do, but putting a man of color into the White House has most certainly broken the glass ceiling! It's a giant step in the right direction.

  2. Absolutely awesome! I love Jack Cafferty, and those answers were right on!

  3. Thanks Kay.
    Could you send me the link that you are using to get all these Jack Cafferty videos that you are posting.
    They are all great.

    Bear((( )))

  4. Remembering the terrible stain on our country that segregation wrought, I am doubly glad that we have helped eliminate racism. The racists that till exist in our society are fewer and fewer in number. I hope hatred will be gone by the time the next generation grows up.

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  6. Sandy2:10 PM

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  7. Darlene,
    Do you not think that racism works both ways? Do you believe that there is no racism against whites?

  8. Liz: I know there is racism against whites -- I've experienced it and have been discriminated against because of my age, my gender, my religion(yes, the anti-Catholics are still with us and still consider us the anti-Christ--are you one of them?) and my handicap as well. It's neither fun nor pretty in any incarnation. I also have many friends of all minorities and love them all equally. I've work with minorities and understand their plight but I also believe that prejudice of ANY type is contrary to a productive society.

  9. I love that last part, but the whole thing was wonderful...uplifting and hopeful. Thanks for sharing; I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.

  10. thanks for sharing the video. the comments to the video comforted me. I have seen some unsettling blogs as I traveled thru the peace posts - of all things!! to use peace posts to utter thinly veiled attacks on our new president.

    and I'm sorry if I'm being dense but - what the hell does racism against whites have to do with Obama being elected.

    43 white presidens, 1 multi-racial president - what is that!!? fair and balanced as Fox would say?

    I feel, and fear, that there are many, too many, among us who can not deal with the renewed interest of ALL people in politics and government, they had it their way for 8 years.


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