Saturday, November 08, 2008

Random Sunday Thoughts on the Week

The Kay has been off alllllll week. I had wonderful plans for getting caught up on rest and housework and going a-wandering. Robert Burns, the great Scottish poet, wrote: "The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley." I'm neither a mouse nor a man but I'll be damned if my plans haven't gone aft agley. The stuff I've been fighting for over a month decided to kick back into high tilt boogie mode so I've been sleeping a lot and generally feeling lousy. I haven't called the doctor -- my previous trips have been useless. I have an appointment with my regular doctor on Thursday, if I live. I'll spare you the list of my symptoms and just say that they're not fun.

Here are some thoughts that occurred to me during the highly-charged past week -- I hope to get back to the regular rants and rambles soon:

* Christopher Buckley, son of the late, great William F. Buckley, Jr., does a Q&A with readers in a wonderful article in Financial Times regarding where the Republican party should go from here. ('Out of the country.' is not a good answer.) As usual he is witty and articulate and rapier sharp in his answers.

* It didn't take long. The media is already criticizing Michelle Obama's wardrobe and panned the dress she chose for Tuesday night. I would have liked to seen her in something different and here's why: Michelle is about the same height and build as I am; She is tall, short-waisted, and long-legged. Her dress, while lovely, didn't suit her. As I well know -- part of the art of dressing is camouflage. A girl accents the positive and hides the negative. I was surprised because she usually looks great. She isn't a fashionista type so expect to see her in comfortable clothes like the the J. Crew preppy stuff she wore on the campaign trail and the media be damned.

* Did Sarah Palin fall off the planet? It sure looks like the GOP got her out of Dodge right quick! And like rats off a sinking ship, the truth is being told. Here's a video clip from The O'Reilly Factor outing her for what she is. So long Sarah! It's been real and it's been fun but it ain't been real fun!

* Marcia and I headed to First Friday on Friday night (when else?) because she thought maybe if I got out that I'd feel better. We went to lessons in salsa dancing at the church where I work. It was fun but we were pretty hopeless at it and laughed at ourselves a lot. I have trouble dancing anything more than a sedate slow dance since my stroke since one leg doesn't work right. We said we'll try it again but next time we'll have a drink first. It was rainy so it wasn't as much fun as usual and we wandered the galleries and chatted with friends we met. One weird thing: we ran into Marcia's stepbrother-in-law and one of his buddies and will she was talking with him about hubby, his buddy and I talked about stuff as one does when you first meet. Both of us divorced, we talked about that and work, dating, and all the other crap (sorry -- I can't think of a nicer way to say it) and he mentioned that he was forty-one. I said, "Well I'm sixty-one." He said, "Really? You don't look it.", and reached out and touched my face which really disconcerted me. I still can't figure out why he did that. Was he checking for face lift scars? Botox? Sorry -- none of that stuff here. Marcia thought it weird, too. I was glad when we extricated ourselves from those guys.

* Mark Steyn of the National Review, a leading conservative publication, wrote this interesting opinion piece that applies to both Democrats and Republicans and the future of our country. It really got me thinking.

* Neocon Michelle Malkin is muckraking as usual but has a couple disconcerting stories that give me pause. Racism is a two-way street in case no one noticed.

* I had to laugh when Keith Olbermann called Anne Coulter -- the woman I love to hate -- "Coultergeist". Points for creativity, Keith! I usually call her a venomous bitch.

* Let's finish up on a positive note with a sort of funny video from one of my heroes, Jack Cafferty. Some of the comments are priceless!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I enjoyed the video on Palin. Hope you feel better.

  2. I hope that the bigotry that the McCain-Palin supporters were encouraged to voice doesn't continue:

  3. So sorry to read that you have been feeling so poorly, Kay...I hope your Doctor can pin down what is happening and fix it!

    This sure is an interesting time now, isn't it?
    The Republicans throwing Sarah Palin under the bus---In A BIG Hurry! I have no love for her, at all, but there is something quite sad about all of this. I have a feeling she will come out just fine, though.
    Now...I want to enjoy this amazingly wonderful Victory for all of us in our country and for the world. I just hope the "tearing down" from the 'right', won't be as harsh and filled with lies and unuesndo's as the camoaign was...If there was ever a time we need to ALL work together, it is now!

    Good luck at the Docs, my dear.


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