Sunday, October 26, 2008

Video Sunday

It was a longgg day Saturday and difficult on many levels. I'll be kind and spare you thr gory details. Tomorrow will be infinitely better -- it's Trick or Treat day in our city and I'll be putting on my hat and hanging out my 'The Witch is in' sign for the kiddies in the 'hood.

I found a bunch of videos that I'm sure y'all will enjoy.

Here's Michelle Obama speaking in Akron on Friday. I thought she did quite well and really touched the hearts of the crowd.

Meanwhile McCain-Palin gets their story told a la Dr. Seuss. It would be funny if the whole thing weren't so very, very sad.

Colin Powell's intelligent, rational discussion of his endorsement of Obama was the clincher for me! I've always respected him as a man of integrity and honor and he displays it here admirably.

Jack Cafferty asks a pertinent question and gets some interesting answers!

Want to go on record with your vote? Here's how!

I was impressed by the graciousness of Hillary Clinton and that she's hit the road for Obama. She really is quite a lady.

I hope you enjoy these!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Thanks for those, especially the Hillary clip.

  2. You're welcome, jp!

    And thanks fpr stopping by! And friend of Steph's . . . you know the rest!

  3. Great bunch of videos. I especially loved the 'Ala' Dr. Seuss and the polar bear sticking out his tongue.

  4. I wanted Hillary but I am satisfied with Obama now. My husband and I voted for Obama absentee a few days ago.
    Fingers crossed for November 4.

  5. Loved these clips Kay...thanks. Really enjoyed Hillary's...and Michelle's. So glad my voted is in...won't be long now.

  6. I had not seen the "vetting" YouTube and it's a howl. Lordy, lordy. I'll be glad when this is all over. Good groaner, as always..


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