Friday, October 24, 2008

Saturday's Random Thoughts

It's Saturday and I am tired and soooooooo glad I don't work again for a few days. This campaign thing is wearing out my last nerve. I took myself out for a nice supper (scampi! -- yum!!) and a drink at my local pub -- it's our version of Cheers -- and had fun with a few auld friends. Good stuff!!! It's nice when you walk in are met with: "Where in the hell have you been? -- you look great!"

* Joke of the week:

Q: What's the difference between a mortgage banker and a pigeon?
A: A pigeon can still make a deposit on a BMW. ( Do I hear a groan?)

* CC Goldwater. grandaughter of Barry Goldwater -- a REAL conservative -- and a man of honor and decency, explains why she and most members of the Goldwater family will be supporting Barack Obama in the coming election -- here. What a gal!

* From my "Wow! That's Stupid" department: The highest paid worker in the McCain Campaign last month? I could tell you but you can click here and find out. Read it and report your blood pressure to your doctor.

* Quote of the Week: “There is one category of advertising which is totally uncontrolled and flagrantly dishonest: the television commercials for candidates in Presidential elections.” -- David Ogilvy, well-known New York advertising executive

* Speaking of doctors, I got a letter from the Walk In Clinic where I went last week to finally get some relief. It seems they tried to reach me to no avail and asked me to call them. I called and they told me to call my doc and make an appointment with my doc re: the blood test they ran. And if y'all think that doesn't have me scared -- think again.

* Michelle Obama was in Akron -- just north of me in Summit County -- today. Word is she did her husband proud. Read about her adventure here.

* 'Tis the season for fair weather friends: that I'm not supporting McCain has caused the disappearance of a couple of regulars here. I grant them the right to their opinions; I wish they would grant me mine. I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican as I have often said here. I am an independent and a Constitutionalist. I vote my conscience -- which doesn't necessarily have anything to do with either a 'D' or an 'R'. This time it is one of those times where I am forced to vote for a major party candidate. Jiminy Cricket is angry with me but is trying to understand my rationale. He doesn't understand "swing state". As Ohio goes, so goes the nation. No president has ever won without carrying Ohio. Frankly, I really don't need or want that burden,

* Stop by The Elderstorytelling Place for a blast from the past from our friend and groaner contributor extraordinaire, Nancy Leitz! It's a goody!

Tomorrow is a kick back and rest day although in Kay's World anything can happen and it probably will!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. I saw on the news this morning about the make-up person for Palin. That's absurd. Mr. kenju says it is private money from the RNC, so it's ok. I say that money could be put to better use!!

  2. I do hope you're okay! I know you'll keep us posted.

    Yes, I red about the highest paid worker. Amazing, isn't it?

    You know what? Shame on anyone who'll stop reading a blog because the writer doesn't share their opinions. How can people be so shallow?

  3. I love shrimp scampi. That's the one thing I will fix for myself.

    Michelle is a class act. I think she was an excellent substitute for Barack.

  4. That personal hairdresser of Sarah Palin's is definitely over paid.
    Not being too catty or anything!

    Bear((( )))

  5. I agree on Michelle. She will be a fine first lady!

  6. Judy: I definitely agree.

    Amy: Thanks!!!!

    Darlene: You would love the way they do them at the pub! Broiled perfectly with drawn butter. Sheer heaven! It's a rare treat for me.

    Bear: I agree. It's not like it's a difficult "do" -- heck we wore our hair like that in high school! (I look awful with my hair up -- my ears are too big and I don't need the extra height.

  7. Dave: I like her style! She is definitely a class act. She made me nervous at first due to a couple faux pas but obviously she's learned that a First Lady needs tact. And she always looks terrific without looking overly expensive. I swear we shop the same places but I know better. LOL

  8. i think a lot of relationships get sorted out during presidential elections. i've stopped reading several blogs for what i consider OVERT stupidity. i mean, we're all a bit stoopid now & then, right, but jaysus...john mccain and the moosekiller? i CARE about my grandchildren, especially the two girls, since politicians are still trying to control their stewardship of their own bodies. besides...i'm always right. how can they not see that?

    thanks so much, also, for sending your friend dave my way. i've read one of his posts, and i look forward to reading all of them. i only have one implant, but he's got two. wow. i've been thinking about getting another one, but so far just thinking.

    glad you got out to your pub for a good dinner and a drink. nothing like it, sez i. now that i'm retired, i tend to eat out at noon and then have nothing or just popcorn or something at night. i learnt how to make kettlecorn from a you-tube video, and i tried it tonight. my technique needs tweaking, but it was pretty good. better than the crap you buy at the supermarket, anyway.

    is your football team playing anybody tmw? unless it's my team, i hope they win!!

    oh, and i remember back in 1988, when my boss ordered complete physicals for everyone in the company. (one hell of a fine boss, btw). we had to take turns going down to talk to the nurses about our results, and when i got there, they looked at my name, and said, "oh, you're the one we need to see!" one nurse sat me down and said, (yabbityyabbityyabbity....i couldn't HEAR everything), but it was something about my blood, and she looked very grave. then she handed me my papers, shook my hand, and said, "good luck!"

    i never did find out what it was. din't go to the doctor cuz i wasn't feeling sick. hmmm...i wonder what it was.

  9. LOL. M.E.!!!

    RE: politics. What's funny is that I'm not totally sold on Obama -- I'll skewer him, too, if he gets elected just like I did Bush.

    Dinner out is a treat I give myself now and then. I, at this point, really hate cooking for one.

    Dave is a new friend for me, too. BearNaked sent him to me and I thought he should talk with you. He is nice, isn't he?

    I don't follow the pros much -- my team is the Cleveland Browns and yeah, they're playing Sunday. My OSU Buckeyes are playing a rare night game tonight vs. Penn State so I'll be planted firmly in front of the television tonight.

    RE: blood. Obviously it wasn't all that important just as I suspect this blood thing is no big deal.

  10. I understand the whole conscience thing. I actually started wondering if 20 years from now, when everyone is talking about how they voted for Obama, if my kids will ask me if I voted for him. I'll have to say no. I mean, I hope he wins because I want McCain to lose, and my guy has no chance. But as I've said before, I live in California and Obama doesn't NEED my vote, so I have the luxury of voting for who I truly believe in. Maybe some day we will get a system where my votes counts (and I should add it works both ways, if I was far right and living in say Alaska, I wouldn't waste my vote on McCain)but until then I'll continue to confound my friends by doing everything I can to make sure McCain doesn't get elected but still not vote for Obama.


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