Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ike Windstorm Aftermath

On Sunday afternoon I was taking a much-needed break from a lengthy "to-do" list and the phone rang. It was my friend Lynda who lives a couple blocks away. It seems she wrenched her knee pretty badly and she needed some help. She's the editor of our neighborhood association's newsletter and wanted photos of damage from the recent wind storm -- the tail end of Ike -- that wreaked havoc in our county last week and asked if I would go take photos for her since she was in nasty pain. Soooooooo me being me, I put my stuff on hold and went wandering the 'hood for her.

The one below was easy -- it's the big tree across the street from me that had a huge limb come off that almost fell on my Miss Ruby. The other car wasn't there when it happened and the limb landed in the street. The next day an "entrepreneur" appeared with a pickup truck and chainsaw and cut off all the parts that were good for fire wood and left. Compared to others' damage, it wasn't a very big deal. The big white house lost a bunch of shingles from their brand new roof.

I then went wandering through the 'hood looking for worse damage and found it a couple blocks away. Two enormous, beautiful trees were struck down leaving a huge mess as you can see below. Ken, the owner, and his dad were working in the yard and trying to do some cleanup. He still doesn't have power and when the power company came out to inspect his damage, they disconnected his telephone line, too and told him he'd have to get an electrician before they'd restore his power. We agreed that that was pretty lousy. I discovered that he didn't know about the neighborhood association and told him all about it and he said he was interested. I duly noted his address so they would receive the newsletter. I'm getting prints made of the photos I took and will take a set to him.

When I got back to Lynda's house she was delighted with the pictures and we talked about the association could do to help when disasters occur and decided it was a topic for our next meeting. Between Ike and the hailstorm back in August, we've had a hell of a summer that's taken quite a toll on the 'hood! And winter's coming! Sighhhhhhhhhh.

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  1. Good for you for getting out there and checking on folks, Kay.

  2. I really hate to see big, old trees like that get damaged. Makes me sad.

  3. AQ: Well, if we're going to make the 'hood better, we need toknow what's going on and get everyone involved in helping each other.

    Judy: I feel the same way. (Big surprise, huh?) They were soooo gorgeous and I almost cried when I saw the damage.

    Thanks to both of you for your comments. Lately I feel like the Maytag repairman here. I know I haven't been visiting much but I'm really under the gun right now with my work, my health and my life in general and I do my best just to keep this going. Hopefully, things will settle down pretty soon. I told a friend that things had been too good for too long so I guess it's my turn in the barrel.


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