Friday, August 01, 2008

Ribs & Country -- Yee Haw!!!

Well, we obviously were still up for ribs, a brew, and that good ol' country music as everyone turned out again tonight -- we're a hearty crew. I actually did wear my cowboy hat as did a couple of the guys, but it was too hot for boots.

It was another round of ribs and fixins and, yeah, I finally succumbed to the beignets -- excellent not as good as Cafe du Monde or maybe it was the picnic ambiance. By the time this is over I'm gonna be fat! Ran into an old suitor who asked me out for tomorrow night. Nooooo way! I don't change my plans for anyone. 'Sides, he's a crashing bore who thinks a gal should swoon 'case he asked. My homies were proud of me.

Joe Diffie took the stage later and did a great show that included a lot of his hits. He's acquired some middle age spread but he still sounds terrific and we were on our feet through most of the show! One of the things I like best about country music is it's ability to laugh and Joe is among the best at writing humorous lyrics. Here's a video of his chart-topper, "Pickup Man" -- enjoy!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!


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