Sunday, May 18, 2008

Anger and Violation

I was planning a different post for today but life has a way of forcing change upon us when we least expect it.

The Kay has been been busy trying to get her Spring cleaning done and planting flowers, etc. so she can head to Motown. My front porch is all gussied up and that will teach me. I should have let it stay sloppy. I'm now afraid to go to Motown. I am angry and upset.

Either last night during the night or this afternoon while I was out someone stole my wrought iron and glass topped table and the small wrought iron etagere I had out there. What bothers me is that neither was visible from the street as the walls surrounding are solid stucco so whoever took my stuff, knew it was there. My friends and nearby neighbors aren't the sort to take things. The funny part is it happened after I put the big pots of petunias on the ledges. I leave lights on all night inside the house so no one knows if I'm awake or not so I'm guessing it was done while I was away for an hour this afternoon. I also know there had to be two thieves. Moving that table was definitely a two-man job as the top is heavy and cumbersome.

I checked with my neighbors who saw nothing. I reported it to the police -- over the phone, mind you -- and they said that detectives might be by. Might? That's my stuff. I want it back. I don't care that it wasn't worth a huge sum of money -- it was mine, I liked it and NO ONE has the right to take it without my permission. That table sat on that porch for two years and no one bothered it. I feel violated. I don't feel safe anymore. I don't think in today's world that any of us can feel completely safe but I felt safe here.

I was displeased with how the cops just sort of blew me off. When I told them I was going to be away for a few days, they did offer vacation checks and I accepted of course. It doesn't make me feel safer because it will probably just amount to a cursory drive by.

This is the first time in years that I've been able to have things pretty much the way I want them and it galls me that some idiot is messing with my security and contentment. Anger isn't an emotion I enjoy but right now I'm angry and I don't like it. I've worked very hard to have my things and feel a bit of peace and well-being. Funny how that can be shattered so easily.

Oh well. I guess I've vented and whined enough. Thanks for listening. I promise to give you a good grooaaannn and giggle tomorrow!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. I think you are justified to be angry and express it. That is scary and definitely the kind of thing to make a person feel violated. When we tolerate such and think it's how it will always be, it will be that way. We should be upset. Suzann from Journey to a New Life wrote about identity theft where someone was trying to use her identity to steal. It's like our police don't feel they can do anything about any of it. We had our credit card number misused a year or so ago. Even the bank didn't seem concerned about catching the person. We didn't have to pay except we did pay. We all pay for such theft. So I am mad right alongside you.

    Hope you enjoy your trip and don't let this spoil it for you.

  2. Yes, one feels violated after a burglary. Bummer! We had an attempted burglary last year here.

    The dogs brought us a piece of the burglar's trousers. Just wish they'd gotten a DNA samplable piece of flesh too ;-)

    My commiserations, FWIW.

  3. Been there, done that... and felt that same way... violated... For things like this cops are useless. On my break-in many years ago, the security system siren scared them off quickly, so all they got was a small TV and portable microwave sitting by the French doors they kicked in. I asked the police if they weren't going to take fingerprints. They looked at me like I was from another planet, smiled, and told me I had been watching too much TV...

    Take any valuable items inside. Go to Motown and enjoy... Don't let the idiots that stole the items also turn your life upside down...

    If you lived in Texas, I would also say "Get a gun... and learn to use it."

  4. I'd be angry and feel violated, too. I'm sorry this happened to you, Kay. I still feel violated over what happened with my blog last year, because that was a friend who did it (based on the two people to whom it was mailed). Stealing, being sneaky... I guess I just don't understand those people's mindsets (and lack of a conscience).

  5. How terrible that happened to you.
    I know exactly how you are feeling because a few years ago someone broke into our home.
    You feel violated, angry and upset right now. Fortunately after time it does get better but you NEVER forget.

  6. Kay, I am so sorry. You vent that anger all you need to. I understand how you feel. My mom's porch was vandalized years ago, and some stuff was taken that she was very fond of. It was terrible to see how violated she felt. She rode all over town looking on people's porches, hoping to see her stuff, but had no luck. I hope yours is found.

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  8. I mad for you! I'll never understand people's gall! When we moved here to SLC in Utah, I asked Hubby to have the locks changed because the house had passed through so many different owners in the past 10 years or so, and who knew who had keys to our doors! We were only given two, and the couple who were here before had two grown children...nope, Hubby said, this is Salt Lake City, where there's no crime to speak of. Long story short, two of my handmade quilts (made by my Mom and me before she died--a lovely butterfly and a Sunbonnet Sue pattern) were stolen right out from under us, and we don't even know when it happened. I still think it's ironic that we lived for nearly nine years in Las Vegas without much of a hitch, then move to Christian land and get robbed. I've survived it, but it and what happened to you still make me boiling mad! Hope you have a miracle and retrieve it somehow.

  9. Surely do empathize with your anger, frustration and feelings of violation since I experienced this intrusion, into my life twice many years earlier. I'd like to think that by some fluke your belongings will be returned, but maybe that's too much to hope for. I do hope you're able to make that trip to Motown.

  10. So posting a comment on what happened to us will probably not be earth-shattering, since most of these comments also mentioned their times of violation. My poor little daughter who has been frightened of "white vans" because those are "robber vans" has had someone break into her and her husbands vehicles three times. Once they stole her scriptures! Who steals scriptures???? Once her childhood savings in a jar which was labeled "mission money" (all change, about$40) and her stereo, lastly some really nice sunglasses which had a note inside which said, "happy Father's Day to the father of our future children".
    Now there was an armed robbery at the place where she works. Thankfully she was not working there, but her friends and coworkers were and she is still affected by that.
    Buglers do not have a conscience. All of it makes me spitting mad. I am sorry for that feeling of violation and loss of peace.

  11. Kay, I'm sorry that someone stole your things from your patio and I don't blame you for being angry and fearful of something worse happening. My own neighborhood is fairly safe, so periodically crazy things do happen. I sure keep my doors locked these days, I'll tell you that, and it helps that I have a dog who barks (at least for now; she's sick).

    In the patios on many of the city apartments and houses they chain down the outdoor furniture. I think you live in a city, yes?

    Anyhow, sorry you were violated, and that's what theft is.


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