Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sunny Saturday Random Thoughts

I'm in a Rogers and Hammerstein mindset this morning! It's a glorious day in Ohio and I'm wandering around my place singing "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" from their musical, "Oklahoma" and it's a good thing y'all can't hear me 'cause the Kay can't carry a tune in a bucket! I remember, as a child, when my friends and I always knew the lyrics to the latest hot Broadway musicals -- how 'bout y'all?

* My mission for today is to clean up my big front porch and get it ready for summer. A trip to the garden center for potting soil will be in order, too, for the pots of geraniums and petunias that will grace the wide ledges that surround it.

* My closet is on overload so I'm going into ruthless mode and will be heading to the Goodwill drop off with all the clothes I haven't worn in ages.

* Is the Reverend Jeremiah Wright running for president? I can't turn on the news without hearing about him. It reminds me of all the ignorant bigots (Is that repetitive?) who swore that if JFK was elected, the Pope was going to run the country.

* Today is the NFL player draft and local folks are paying close attention as three local young men will probably be drafted. There's a big "watch the draft party" at the Pro Football Hall of Fame down the hill from me and it looks like fun but I'm passing on the $45 ticket price.

* I recently attended our City Council meeting and spoke about the closed school in my neighborhood. It's becoming a site for vandalism and worse crimes and I proposed that this historic building be used as a community center with activities for everyone from the youngest to the oldest. Daycare, latchkey programs, sports, and elder activities would really help the families who live here and make our nice neighborhood nicer and put the threat of gangs at bay. The mayor assured me that he would be addressing that issue and his development director said he would be in touch with me. I haven't heard a word. So much for his commitment to neighborhoods. The gangbangers are gonna win if they don't do something.

* Speaking of our neighborhood, our association held our semi-annual neighborhood cleanup with the help of the city's service department. I and my fellow association members scoured the 'hood picking up trash and noting problems for the city workers. My buddy Rose and I again took on the worst block in our neighborhood and got it looking semi-decent. Others refuse to go there. The nice part about this cleanup is that a lot of residents paid attention to the flyers we distributed about the cleanup and took the time to get their little corner of the 'hood all gussied up so what we're doing is encouraging others and lessening the burden on those of us who volunteer. Rose and I got a chuckle when people asked us if we were doing our community service. We also met some neighbors and invited them to our meetings. The city workers trimmed trees, picked up bags of trash, etc., and came through with the street sweepers so our neighborhood looks great.

* I'll be writing a few more "How I Got to Be Me" posts. Your kind responses are simply terrific and you all are so dear to me! A lot of people in my life have been less than understanding and less supportive of what I've had to do and I began this with great trepidation. Trust me when I tell you that I wasn't always courageous about it -- I fought depression and anger a lot. I did learn that laughter is therapeutic and that pity parties should not be long affairs. Giving up is the equivalent of being dead and I'm not ready for that. No way, Jose!!!!

I'm off to do chores!!!! I hate Spring cleaning but I plan to stay focused on it so I'll have more time in the Blogosphere with y'all.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. I've been doing some spring cleaning, too. It's a good time to sing those Broadway tunes, although I can no longer sing the way I used to. I just kind of croak along, nowadays. I hear the music in my head, though, and that's good.

    I think the media is about to find out that they have created a monster in Rev. Wright. Like most ministers, show 'em a microphone and they're off and running. lol

  2. I was more apt to sing pop tunes, but I can't sing a lick either, so it's better I don't (at least not in your earshot).

    Good for you for cleaning up the neighborhood. I hope the mayor responds to your requests and suggestions.

  3. I've been in a flower planting, closet cleaning mode, too! I used to be a great singer, but now I sing around the house, fantasizing about what could have been had that talent been nurtured.

    I hope you hear from the development director. Old schools are being recycled into nice senior apartments and such around the country. Hope something happens with that!


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