Sunday, April 27, 2008

The 2008 Muzzle Awards

It's that time of year again and the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression has awarded its Muzzles to those cretins who have the dubious honor of having done the best job of violating the First Amendment of the Constitution in honor of our Founding Father's Birthday.

I was a bit surprised that the Bush administration and Congress escaped their notice but I suspect the former could be in line for their Lifetime Achievement award.

It is again a motley crew and I'm only going to skewer, er . . . comment on a couple. You can see the full list

Nebraskans figured prominently with the U.S. Attorney there twice and a judge capturing the top three awards. The judge in #3 spot really got to me. In a rape trial, he prohibited the use of the following words: “rape,” “victim,” “assailant,” “sexual assault kit,” and “sexual assault nurse examiner.” Duh? I don't think I need to enlarge upon that.

Another one was the fourth honoree, The New York Department of Motor Vehicles received the award for denying a retired New York cop his vanity plate of choice shown below. It isn't obscene -- tacky maybe. but not obscene -- and expresses his point of view and if he was on the job during 9/11, I can certainly understand his sentiment.

Another giggle goes to the Scranton (PA) Police Department for arresting a woman for screaming profanities at her overflowing toilet. An off-duty cop who was her neighbor called the police and reported her. She was arrested for disorderly conduct. I don't know about y'all but if my potty is overflowing, I cuss and last time I checked, it isn't illegal otherwise I think most of us could be in real trouble.

In the interest of brevity, I'm skipping to the last honoree. There are other winners worthy of comment but I'll let y'all explore those. The last award is only the second Lifetime Muzzle ever Awarded and the winner is (drum roll) . . . The Federal Communications Commission for a list of seemingly endless violations! No surprises there but the honor had to be noted.
Hope y'all enjoy this site as much as I do -- I usually run the whole gamut of emotions as I read it. I think y'all know I am strong believer in the First Amendment and consider it the cornerstone of that oft-ignored document, The Constitution of the United States and I'm glad the TJ Center is watching.

I leave you with a quote I really liked. I think it says a lot

"A free press cannot always serve the masters of truth and popular opinion at the same time. If it serves the former, it does its duty; if it bows to the latter, it abdicates its responsibility.” -- Ronald K. L. Collins, First Amendment scholar

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  1. You're my last post tonight, Kay, and I'm going to bed smiling, thanks to you. Totally whacky and funny. Thanks.

  2. All I could think of after reading about the poor lady arrested for screaming profanaties at her "OVERFLOWING" toilet was
    Holy Cr@p!!!!!!!!


  3. Funny stuff -- incredible to think it's actually true.


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