Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Friday Groaner!!!!!!!!!

A hearty groooooooooaaaaaaaaan is in store for y'all as you begin the final stretch toward the holiday!!!!

Dr. Stu Savory, the punster extraordinaire whose blog bears his name, shares this pun-filled original with us!!!!! Enjoy!!!


Many years ago I worked for a while near West Sacramento in sunny California. That's not the peaceful, small village of California near Hamburg, here in Germany, but that fault line on which a number of nuclear reactors have been irresponsibly built by a CalPower (Prince of Darkness) Electric Corp. which shall remain nameless to protect the guilty, a state which -- perhaps significantly -- is now governed by the Terminator.

But back to the main story line. While I was there, living as a guest in a friend's house (Hi, Jane!) she decided to re-lay the wooden tiling on the floor, using marquetry patterns which I had brought from Europe. We were helped by her Mexican gardener and jack-of-all-trades, named, if I remember correctly, Jose' Requiez. He was a very small, under set man. Even his pet tomcat, Jerry, (sic!) was small and mangy, too. He was a new immigrant at the time and very enthusiastic about the politeness of the Gringos to him (sic!). For example, he said that every time he went to a ball game, everybody politely stood up first for him and asked "Jose, can you see . . . ?"

But back to the main story line. First we laid the wooden tiles, then we copied the patterns (which I had brought with me on large A0 sheets of paper) by pressing down with a pen onto the paper. Between the paper patterns and the wooden tiles we had placed sheets of carbon paper. But sometimes Jose lifted the pen from the paper, and used Kleenex instead of carbon paper, so it did not copy properly. Nevertheless, this was probably the first known example of Pen rose Tiling known to the world. ;-)

But back to the main story line. On day 3 we had worked our way gradually up the staircase. The wooden tiles were stored precariously at the top of the stairs. On the third day (this is a traditional, Christian, story), Jose rose again from the tread (editor's note: ouch!) and carelessly leaned on the insecure pile of wooden flooring tiles. The pile of wooden flooring tiles tipped over, cascaded down the stairs, landing on top of poor Jerry the tomcat, killing him :-(

. . . . . Requiez' cat in parquet!!!!!!

Copyright 2003 Stuart Savory


Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. That's a big groan!

  2. Merry Christmas Kay!

    I hope you have a happy, warm holiday filled with family, friends and joy!

    love you

  3. dear god....bad. verrry bad. (groaning.)

    but i'm still trying to figure out "Pen rose Tiling." don't tell me. let me get it on my own.....

    a very joyous noel to you and nice to see that you've visited my 'umble blog.

  4. Penrose Tiling : a way of tesselating a plane. Invented by Sir Roger Penrose. Who sued Kleenex because they use Penrose Tiling patterns on their Kleenex Tissues (to make then more tearproof) without respecting his copyright.

    See the reference to Kleenex in the pun, and it being used instead of copy paper. Maths joke for insiders; sorry about that :-)

  5. you people have to include math in EVERYTHING???


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